Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my newest dolly..

here is my newest dolly a cute little Korean doll called ddung. her hair changed color when you touch it and she has little fairy wings and the tiniest white cute! oh and she came in that cute shoebox style box...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


bettina, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

bettina is also ready for spring!

anna isabelle

anna isabelle, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

black cats are not just for halloween. this kitty named anna isabelle is ready for spring!

solid fancy yarns

solid fancy yarns, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

more fancy yarns..solids. my mom picked these up for me at hobby lobby..thanks mom!

rainbow fancy yarns

rainbow fancy yarns, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

fancy yarns picked up by my mom. can you see cute amigurumi hiding in these? i can!

change of plans! softies today!

hi all, i am not going to be able to do the softie update tomorrow so it will today. this update will include 4 bunnies, 1 owl and 5 amigurumi. i really wanted to do a few more amigurumi but time did not when i do get them done i'll list them right away. the amigurumi includes 3 catsm 1 bunny and one bear... hope to do more bunny amigurumi soon.
these will start going up on etsy around 8:00 am or so....central standard time

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

one softie listing today..

i am feeling anxious to list all of the softies i have made. i usually list them as i finish them.. so i decided to list one today. this is alexander. isn't he cute with those big eyes? he is made with a gray yarn with green and purple flecks. he wears a little green felt bow tie.. hope he find a nice home!

Monday, February 18, 2008

softie update this thursday!

i have decided on thursday at 12:00 pm central standard time for the softie update. these softies pictured will be included along with some surprise ones also. after this i'll be working on some other non-softie projects for awhile..huggs!

sanrio store chicago...

we went to chicago for my son's therapy session on thursday and we had a little time before our appointment so we went to the mall.
this is an expensive mall downtown. it was kinda fun though. i saw the oilily stores and i went to the sanrio store!
they had so much cute stuff. i wish i had my camera with me! i decided on adopting this sweet pandapple plushie. i also bought a $2.00 goodie bag that had a hello kitty note book, hello kitty pencil and a tiny book of my melody stickers in it. even the bag is cute!
i am hoping to go back on the 28th...but we'll see if we have time...

Friday, February 15, 2008

valentine's day

we had a nice valentine's day. we had to go to chicago for my son's therapy so we went to the mall (will post more about that soon) and anyways we went out to eat alone so that was nice. my hubby gave me this big pink bear and a chocolate rabbit and a card. my son got this balloon and a big bag full of stuff from his valentine party at school.
so anyways we had a nice day... hope you did too!

sale extended!

i decided to extend the sale for a week. you have until Thursday 2/21/08 to buy one get one 1/2 price on all hats!
still working on softies!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

more softies...

still making softies.. made some new bunnies.. my own pattern i am calling posey nosey bunnies. they are made of fleece and have eggs made from japanese fabrics and felt faces with embroidered mouths. their eyes are round buttons and their noses are flower buttons. their tails are made from circles of chenille.

also a cute amigurumi bunny named pansy. i used paton's be mine yarn for the body, head and ears and lion brand baby soft for the limbs and nose.
anyways these will be part of next weeks update.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

softie update preview

hi all, i am in softie making mode this week. many in the works. here are two that are done.
a new owl named GARTH. i used a cute japanese turtle fabric on this ones belly.
also a sweet little turquoise amigurumi named JAMES.
I am hoping to do the shop update on monday ot tuesday. will let you know for sure when. meanwhile i will post previews here. huggs!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

what would you do with black yarn?

i had a request for a black pullip that got me started and look at all the black things i made! black is honestly not my favorite but aren't they cute?

Friday, February 8, 2008

lunch bag..

i have been meaning to make a lunch bag for my son for school and finally made it today. i didn't use a pattern so it may be a bit crooked. i used cotton ticking and linen/cotton blends for it. one is a very cute robot print from japan. embroidered LUNCH on it and the drawstring is crocheted cotton. i think it came out cute and now her should be able to have his lunch in one bag for school. now i need to make him a schoolbag.


i started out collecting dolls collecting baby dolls. i have strayed from them for awhile now for himstedt and ball jointed dolls and pullips.. but this little fatty by berenguer is calling for me! may have to adopt her sometime!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

an owl for mom

mom said she like my owls so i decided to make her one. knowing that my likes blue i decided on that. the fabrics for the belly and the forehead are from my aun't joyce's fabric stash. my aunt recently passed away and my mom is missing her very much. i thought this would make the owl more special for my mom. hope you like her mom!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my mom's creations

i thought i'd show my moms newest creation..she doesn't have a blog yet. these are cute little pillow decorations for your home. they make really sweet gifts! they are available in her etsy shop. her shop is listed here grammyjan. my mom's work is very nicely done she has been cross stitching for many years!