Monday, March 30, 2009

a gift from rima

sweet rima from willy nilly waterlily sent me this sweet gift! i was so surprised when she told me it would be coming! two of her sweet apron dresses for blythe! as you can see olivia has claimed the one with the cute piggies! willow will get the sweet floral one when she arrives! as usual they are super well made and adorable! thank you so much rima! you really are the best and the sweetest!

swap from amy!

i got my fun swap from my sister amy last week. so behind on everything! this time the theme was roses. she send a bunch of rose stuffs and some spring time things.. two things are missing from the pics.. rose printed papers..they wouldn't lay flat! and an owl stamp..that mikey hid from me!

ribbon roses and flower jewels.

ribbon roses and roses trim.

pretty rose stickers.

ribbons and pretty trims.

and she send 4 more nicholas sparks books. as you can see..i am more than half way through this one.

thank you amy! i love everything you sent! now.. i wonder where mikey put my owl stamp!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

waiting, waiting, waiting...

seems like it's been forever.. but only since march 5th..that's when i preordered my 2nd blythe doll. she is supposed to ship on march 28th.. i hope she'll arrive quick!
her name is winsome willow. she looks pretty cute and i love the long hair! i may change some of her eye chips.. if i am brave enough!
blythe stock pic.. will post "real" ones just as soon as she arrives!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

apple celebrates st. paticks day in her foster home!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on the printer!
isn't that cute! they look so festive in green!

a few minutes later...

boo: this is the one i want!
me: oh dear boo..that is VERY big cookie..
boo: i can eat it all up!
me: ok but i hope you don't get a tummy ache!

to be continued...

boo and the cookies.

me: what is it dear boo?
boo: me wants some cookies...

me: yes dear don't you like your cookie?
boo: me wants more cookie..

me: ok boo two is enough right?
boo: i is a big boy kitty.. i needs more cookie.

me: ok surely three is enough..
boo: nope need more...

me: ok 4 is the limit.. you have to be happy with 4 ok boo.
boo: we'll see....

to be continued....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

just one thing

this is the only thing i found (that i could afford anyways) at the antique stores. there was alot of over priced beautiful antique furniture. i thought maybe i'd find a vintage hat.. but no luck.
so this sweet vintage hankie came home with me. why? cause it has tatting. i love tatting but don't know how to do it. and the color is beautiful too!
it was fun to browse though!


today was a nice day. we tried to go the flea market but the line to get is was SO long! so we left and went to a street close by that has antique stores. more about that next. i really wish i had brought my camera.

today mikey had his first ice cream cone! well a sorbet cone! he wasn't eating wheat before so he couldn't have any. as some of you know mikey doesn't eat dairy..hence the sorbet. he really liked it! and yes he REALLY needs a hair cut! i'll have to do that tomorrow i guess....

so while we were looking in antique shops and not buying anything.. we found a bakery and bought some yummies...

french bread...this loaf is huge!

mexican pan dulce. everything in this bakery was super sized!

chocolate cake.

giant cookie with m&m's. this thing is way bigger than my hand!

and butter cookies. these are yummy.. but not as yummy as the ones from the bakery that we went to when i was little.

also got a chocolate dipped strawberry.. but i ate that on th way home.. lol.
so anyways it was a fun day of strolling and browsing.. will show you the single thing i bought from the antique

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and the winner is!

ok i just drew the name! sarahbrandau! you have won the aqua bear ears! thanks to everyone who entered! hope to do another soon!

little apple adventures

just sent from her foster mommy!

Wow! People really do look like their pets!
how cute! will post about more boo's visit soon!

thrift store finds and snail mail pretties

i have lots of things i haven't shown.. so here a catch up a bit!

thrift store find. vintage tea towels.. some cute and pretty embroidery. i actually use these. unless i feel very sentimental about a design.

thrift store find. this tea towel is heavily embroidered.

thrift store find. vintage ribbons. silks and velvets.. mostly black. but really pretty.

from ebay. vintage ribbon lot. that yellow in the back ground is 6" wide! also a pretty yellow velvet on the right.

hankie holder..from ebay.

hankie holder. from ebay.

lingerie holder from ebay. i am keeping vintage ribbons inside!

thrift store find. vintage or antique baby photos. the baby in the grass is very unusual. it is on cardboard. i don't know how old it is.. but it looks more like a snapshot than you'd usually find.

so there you have it.. some interesting and pretty things i've found or received over the past couple week. ttfn!

Monday, March 16, 2009

recent creations

i haven't shown any of my creations lately. so here are a few. you can always look at flickr to see more!

a nice weekend

we had a nice weekend here! hope you did too!

saturday we went to the mall! can you believe it! i haven't been in months! and mikey rode the little coin rides and the merry go round three times. he was really good and didn't throw any tantrums when he had to get off!
didn't buy a thing at the mall though! lol and we ate pizza and mikey had his favorite chinese food t the food court.
so then we went to the hobby lobby and i bought a few fancy yarns, paint brushes and amigurumi eyes.

then later when we came home..mikey got to play outside..since the weather was really rather nice!

sunday we went to my brother in law's birthday party. and mikey was really well tantrums. so we were able to stay for a few hours.
so all in all the weekend was really nice!

huggs to all! don't forget to enter the hat giveaway!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

swap from chu!

i got this wonderful swap from my friend chu this week! she sent lots of cute handmade things she made for my blythe and an amigurumi..named susy! the amigurumi bunny is just the cutest isn't she! and the blythe clothes are so cute and well made!
she also sent crafty supplies! tiny buttons, ribbon, yarn and other goodies.
thank you chu! we love everything!

boo and olivia

boo:what are you doing auntie olivia?
olivia: i am making you a scarf silly!
boo: are you sure you know how....

olivia: of course! see how cute you look!
boo: yeah, but i can't breathe!

boo: a little help please!?

no worries! we helped boo out of the scarf olivia made!