Monday, June 28, 2010


one more week! well a few days really. but i have to wait until the weekend. so i changed the back ground to eclipse for a little while.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

thrift store find part 2.

i also found a replacement for my plastic drawers.

stuff on top.

on the top it opens up to reveal more little drawers.

not the prettiest thing. but i am thinking of covering it with decoupaged flowers or something.

thifted finds part 1

went to my favorite thrift store yesterday and found a few goodies.

a super cute scrapbook filled with old cards. i just love the old graphics! super cute!

and this little guy. it is a napkin holder but i thought i could use it for paper or stickers.

i have one more BIG thing to show you later.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

silly mikey.

dear john....

i sent john travolta a letter requesting an autographed photo. i told him a bit about mikey and sent my condolences about his son. and i got my photo back yesterday. singed in silver. to susy. john travolta. positive thoughts sent. you can request one too! go to his site
i am going to hang it in my craft room. he is my favorite actor of all time so i am very happy to have it! thanks john (as if he'd read this haha!)

what do you have in there?

one might wonder.. what's in all those boxes....

well buttons of course! a good part of my collection.

pretty plastic ones.

lots still on the cards. and a few buckles too.

and i keep the very oldest and glass ones in this old candy box.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

recent mail

i recently did a swap with mqsquare.

this was a surprise! cute little triangle pouch!

isn't this owl adorable! such a sweet little plush!

this cute bobbin doll can hold ribbon or string. love the pink hair!

thank you so much for the swap! i love everything!

also this blind box toy arrived. not the one i was hoping to get.. but still cute!

look what i found!

going though some stuff yesterday i found a bunch of my old art...

i took a few informal art classes some years ago. this was a study we did. oil on paper.

colored pencil and marker. i think i drew this around the time Pocahontas came out.

unfinished oil on canvas.

oil pastel.

oil on canvas.

colored pencil.

unfinished oil pastel.

watercolor. this one will go to amy!


oil pastel and colored pencil.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

mikey in the pool!

i couldn't wait for it to be filled to plop him in there. so i put in in when it had about a foot of water. he go up on the floatie all by himself and was spinning himself around. he loved it! so today if he gets to go in it will be all the way full about 30 inches deep.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

june sister swap

this month we both choose paper. and my sister amy send the most fantstic assortment of paper! she is the best bargain finder!

i love these! again she found paper at her target's dollar section that i never saw.

beautiful asian print paper pack and snowy white glittery paper.

really pretty printed paper and velum. reminds my of amy butler fabrics.

i think this one is my fav. so bright and cheery.. and flowery!

pretty stationary with birds.. i think i could use this for other things too. not just writing.

love these. very subtle prints. and recycled paper! love to be green!

and a bonus! pretty lavender ink and an adorable owl stamp!

thank you again amy! i feel spoiled! love you!