Monday, February 28, 2011

meet punkie!

my super, sweet sister was so nice to go looking for some dolls for me at the local tuesday morning. i was so happy she found this j-doll for me! she had been on my wishlist for some years and i got her for a great price too! so... meet punkie! love her hair color! and isn't she pretty!

and here are my two jun planning j-dolls together!

thank you amy! more to show you tomorrow!

the huge stack for $8.00!

i was feeling that my "to be read" book stack was getting a bit made a trip to the local resale shops and got 19! books! for $8.00 no bad huh? now i have lots to choose from.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

february book 3

borrowed from mikey's teacher. will start it later today. the last book i read, the love season was very good. i like romantic books when they have more of a story to them.. not just they fell in love and everything was perfect..this one was like that. great gamble with my 50 cents! lol.

in case i don't post tomorrow....happy weekend!

cleo de nile

cleo de nile lomo, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

still playing with the lomo mode


lunna lomo, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

still playing with the lomo mode

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sparky spark arrives!

yesterday a new blythe arrived! this is sparky spark. she needs a better name so feel free to post suggestions. she has the most beautiful blue hair. a shade somewhere between cobalt and teal.

she has a flaw. paint smudge. but i love her anyways!

sparky spark lomo effect

milly lomo effect

milly lomo effect, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

playing with lomo effect

mikayla, originally uploaded by the enchanted pumpkin.

on picnik

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

mikey's 2010 book

i just got mikey's 2010 pictures book from walmart and i think this one came out super nice! i worked on it all year and we have some really cute pics in it. here are just a few. i have already started the one for this year.

Monday, February 21, 2011

friday's hoots

weekend finds and a book

don't have any snail mail or thrift finds for i thought i'd show you some cute stuff i found shopping this week.

michael's has a shabby chic collection right now. journals, clothes pin type clips, blank notes, soap etc. i just got these two very nice journals and clips.

michael's also had these journals that look like altered art inspired. chipboard type covers and brown unlined paper inside.

and these goodies from target's dollar section which i love and can't hardly leave without several things.

and this is my current book. another 50 cents book. so far it is an interesting story. don't think i'll meet my 3-5 book goal this month since this is only book number 2!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new kawaii mini memos

i've been using up all my memo sheets for thank you notes inside it was time to get more. 3 for me. and 3 for gifts!

today's hoots

both are custom orders. thank you kati!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gifts from pen!

i got these wonderful birthday gifts from a super sweet flickr friend!

lots of fun stuff! i even love the wrapping paper!

isn't this caterpillar pin cute! and my favorite color too!

and the handmade card! so pretty!

and this is the sweetest! she made me this blythe dress to look like miss sally rice's (on my wish list but very pricey!) dress. she embroidered the little kitty and everything! thank you pen! i loved my surprise goodie package!

valentine gifts

i got some unexpected gifts yesterday from my husband. he already had given me flowers, a card and is getting me chocolates today ( 1/2 price at fanny may!) so i was quite surprised when he gave me these three pairs of earrings last night! aren't they pretty?