Monday, May 6, 2013


i made this pineapple crunch pie for a party.

i and i got myself some mini candles from the bath and body works.

Friday, May 3, 2013

what mikey eats

some of you may wonder what you feed a child who doesn't eat gluten or dairy..well i'm going to start showing you. today mostly i'm showing you snacks since we just got a bunch yesterday. luckily we are able to get all these locally.
glutino pretzels. these are so yummy. i actually steal some from mikey all the time.

annie's bunny cookies. i can only get the mixed one at the store here. so mikey ends up picking out the chocolate ones to eat first. if i get to go to whole food will get some just chocolate ones.

schar shortbread cookies. these we haven't tried yet. hopefully he likes them.

glutino breakfast bars. another one we haven't tried yet.

enjoy life cocoa loco and sunbutter crunch bars. two of mikey's absolute favorites.

enjoy life double chocolate brownie cookies. another of mikey's favorites.

envirokids frosted flakes. mikey loves cornflakes..especially sweetened ones. he eats them dry. i've tried to give them to him in almond or rice milk but he doesn't like it that way.

earth balance buttery spread. ok i LOVE this margarine so much better than the regular we only use this.

odwalla carrot juice. hubby and mikey love carrot juice... mikey doesn't seem to like the fresh one as much as this for some reason. so there you have it alot of things mikey eats or will try soon. feel free to suggest gluten/dairy free things or recipes.

my son's room

Thursday, May 2, 2013

my pillowcase

embroidered my name on the pillowcase i made. what shall i make next?

cloud pillow

another creation! i made this cloud pillow w/ embroidery today. a little wonky but cute..really having fun with sewing!