Monday, November 23, 2009


i got this beautiful bunch of Christmas goodies from my sister Amy for our november swap.

pretty papers, ribbons, treat bags and stamps! this paper is so beautiful and it came from target's dollar section!

love the stamps! one says.. no peeking!

adorable owl towel and pot holder. she got the last set from hobby lobby!

pretty Christmas fabrics. i really didn't have much Christmas fabric. so i was happy to get all of these!
thanks so much amy i love everything!

new socks

you can never have too many socks.. especially from sock dreams! and it is getting so cold here... gotta have long socks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ok i've changed my mind...

i went to see new moon again today..yes i'm crazy! but the theater is so close and so cheap. so anyways i think it is perfect the way it is. i loved it so much. i want to see it again, and again and again....

new moon

i went to see new moon yesterday.. all by myself. my hubby dropped me off at this tiny local theater. which was good cause it's very close.
so. i really loved it. i think they did justice to the story. thought they did change a few little things. i think the wolves were very good. i think they could have made a couple scenes more dramatic or heart tugging but general i loved it. the volturi were very creepy to me. i read somewhere that they weren't scary at all. i would go see it again if i had the chance.
i think Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart all did a great job. especially Taylor.
now the wait for eclipe!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thrift store finds.. part two.. antique

i also found a couple beautiful edwardian or victorian era things.

this beautiful lace collar and cuffs were found pinned together and needing a good whitening. they cleaned up well.. but do have a couple remaining spots. they are so pretty. the collar snaps closed and is accented with two silver trimmed glass buttons. and yes.. i intend to wear these!

this beautiful dress was fond at the same thrift store as the collar and cuffs. so it is possible the same woman owned them. it is entirely made from lace and netting. of course you would have won something ender it. it reminds me of the clothes in the titanic movie. with the overlays. so pretty! and surprisingly sturdy. i haven't washed it.. kinda scared to!

thrift store finds.. part one.. vintage

i am behind again with the thrift store finds. we have been doing a little less thrift store shopping with the colder weather.. and f course.. yard sales are over. but i did find some beautiful things the last couple weeks...

this beautiful 1950's dress. pink with blue ace overlay. and the satin sash in the middle is so pretty! it is missing the zipper.. but i love it! as you can see i have it hanging on the wall so i can enjoy it.

crocheted table runner and corsage pins. not sure how old the pins are.. but they are really pretty. the runner needed washing badly.. but it came our very clean and pretty.. and it has not holes. i love buying these cause i know they are ALOT of wok!

and this 1960's-1970's flower maker.. haven't tried it yet.. but it looks like fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

on our feet...

mikey and i got new slippers from old navy today. he got monkeys and also some dino feet from the gap (will show you those another day) and i got these sweater boot slippers. they are super warm and cute! mikey's feet look as big as mine is those slippers! lol.

Friday, November 6, 2009

goodies from michael's

went to michael's to get some yarn and thread that i needed.. and came home with the yarn and thread.. and these...

these were on clearance in the halloween stuff. i love them! i wish i had gotten more!
pretty shabby supplies! the prima flowers were on clearance.
also picked a few goodies for my sister, amy...tease!

snail mail.

i got these never removed from the box hankies this week. i couldn't resist! aren't they beautiful! i love the way they used to package things! i think they are from the 1920's- 1930s's.


so i did end up reading eclipse and breaking dawn after new moon. breaking dawn is really crazy.. even reading it the second's just so weird! but generally i love this story. can't wait to see new moon.
so now i am moving on to this stack of books i have sitting here. not sure what i'll read first.. but at least i have some options!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

christmas wish list for mikey

since i missed out on these i'll post pics here maybe someone who is shopping for mikey can scoop them up..if you have a gymboree close by! pjs in size 8 slippers in size 11-12. santa can you here me?

for mikey....

i ordered these pajamas and things from gymboree for mikey today. even though they are really cute, i am bummed cause i really wanted to get him the santa or snowman ones.. and they were out of his size. and the snowman slippers too! maybe i'll get to the store to look for them...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


someone has told me they were unable to leave a comment for the giveaway. if you cannot just send me a flickr mail or etsy convo to enter. huggs!

a strange and pretty one.

after 5 months of lay a way and waiting my toffee doll victoria has arrived! she is very pretty.. and also a bit strange. but that's ok! we welcome strange ones here at the enchanted pumpkin. she has beautiful expressive eyes. she looks like she needs a big huggs! i have named her greta. i don't want to call her victoria. reminds me of a certain vampire! my fellow twilight fans know who i mean. more pics on flickr. huggs!

Monday, November 2, 2009


i haven't done a giveaway in a long time! so if you would like to win the blythe doll hat.. all you need to do is leave a comment here. open to U.S. and international but if the winner is a non U.S. i'll ship the hat on november 20th. i'll be picking the winner on next monday november 9th. huggs!