Thursday, February 25, 2010


ok maybe i need some help. ribbons and buttons just are something i cannot resist. especially when they come in candy colors like this antique plaid ribbon! i think i need more!

swap from little whimsies! adorable cake print dress for serafina! thank you!

egg dye ribbons

i had seen in one of my magazines that you could use egg dye to dye ribbons. so yesterday i experimented with some. i used white seam binding( i was lucky to find a roll at a thrift store awhile back). so all i did was use two colors pink and green. i folded up the seam binding and used rubber bands to wrap around the little tie dying. then i dipped them in the dyes. the yellow was supposed to be green..
so then after that i tried food coloring in red and blue. the food coloring didn't give a very deep coloring. maybe i needed more drops. but these came out pretty. i'll do more soon and take pics of the process. now i can use these for crafts, gift wrapping etc...

dollhouse progress

my hubby finished putting the gingerbread trim last night. so now all it needs is more painting!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when you need a little spring.

these beautiful vintage hats arrived today. to bring a little spring into my day! i have been collecting vintage hats for several years..though it seems difficult to find them at antique stores, thrift stores, flea market etc.. so when i saw these two on etsy..i treated myself to some pretties!

inspiration board

it has gotten VERY full! i love this cause i can safely display my pretties without worry or little fingers grabbing them.

collected over the years

i LOVE dolls with un-natural colored hair. especially pink! here are some i've collected..over the years. I'm sure i missed a couple others.

my newest one. i got her yesterday at target. there was a purple haired one too.

robert tonner kickit. she has elf ears!

j-doll and a little doll that came with bratz pixiez.

pullip and sugar planet mermaid.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

shabby and sweet

i have some new shabby, pretty things to show you today...

i got this box at marshalls! i love it! so pretty! it is about a shoebox size.

and inside it put..vintage ribbons or course!

also got this at marshalls. sweet little notepad.. with a rhinestone butterfly accent on the box! so pretty!

i love these ornate frames! and the colors are really pretty! also from marshalls!

another little box i covered and decorated

homemade lacing card for kids

this is a super simply thing you can make for your little one! first you get a piece of cardboard and cut it out.. any shape is fine! you can cover the edges with tape or fabric to make them softer for little hands. the you simply punch holes around the edge. get a shoelace and tie one end so it cannot be pulled through the holes.. then hand it to your little one and show them how to lace.. and hopefully this will kep him/her occupied for a little while!

Friday, February 19, 2010

newest creations..

plump little owls in kawaii japanese fabrics!

little kitty bonbons! amigurumi in yummy spring colors.

little powder puffs. inspired by vintage powder puffs. yummy little outfits for strawberry shortcake!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a little more mail

pretty vintage ribbon.

i am currently enamored with the 1920's.. and i LOVE the ribbon work on powder puff, hankie holders i could not resist this gorgeous powder puff!

bake it pretty

i have been looking at this website bake it pretty for awhile.. so finally i made a little order..

the tags were a free gift! the striped things are cute twist ties.

i have been wanting to try these for awhile. i am always intrigued by anything italian since both of my great grandparents were italian. these are really yummy! and mikey likes them too! will have to get another flavor or two next time.

i mostly bought these cause i love the tin. very art nouveau. the mints are rose flavor, which is a little strange.. but not bad.. just different.

natural colored sprinkles. i don't like to feed mikey alot of artificial colors.. so i was happy to get these.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

this month's sister swap!

my sister and i have been doing our monthly swap for about a year now i guess. it is really so much fun! we each pick a theme and then we go off to crafts stores, thrift stores, antique stores and find a set budget worth of goodies for each other. and my sister knows me so well now she finds me the best things! i hope she feels the same way about the things i send her!
so february was "valentine or romantic" theme, and this is what she sent!

aren't these velvet rosebud flowers amazing! i don't know how old they are but they are beautiful! and seem to be handmade too. i wrapped the stems yesterday with vintage ribbons from my stash. this is my favorite thing this month. they are so pretty i can't stop looking at them!

when i saw the box, i was like oh how cute! a vintage box. my sister knows i like cute vintage boxes to keep things in. and then i opened it and saw this beautiful vintage fan! so pretty! i have always liked fans..though i haven't collected them. when we were little we had those cheapy paper fans from the chinese store. and when i went to china town on a school trip i got a plastic one.. i don't know whatever happened to it. i think i like the fans cause our grandma has one that she got on her european travels.. and i just loved it. so anyways i love this fan! a perfect find for me!

i don't know why, but my sister finds things in targets dollar section that i never see! i even got some valentine paper from there.. but i did not find this adorable cupcake paper!

super cute treat bags, pretty inks (i didn't have pink or white yet!) vintage peach lace and pretty rose buttons.

to satisfy my crazy button cravings! i actually have been using some for crafts now that i have so many..i feel i can spare some. and these are really pretty!

pretty sandwich bags to wrap things up pretty!

the whole lot of wonderful, beautiful things! thank you so much amy! i love my romantic box of goodness!