Friday, April 30, 2010

i made it.. many moons ago

i forgot all about doing this post. so this is just the second one. sometimes i'm not sure if anyone ever looks at my blog.. so i wonder if i should bother.. but here it is anyways.
i painted this calla lily for my husband (his favorite flower) in 2001. oil on canvas.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


i have been drawing lately.. mostly twilight inspired.

the cullen family eyes.








Full drawing of Alice.



Edward 2.


yesterday was pretty nice outside..after several raining or cold days. so we went out.

my little monkey.

just messing around taking pics.

i actually like hanging clothes outside. dunno why.

the beginning of a peach.. tiny fuzz.

every child's favorite flower.

planted these pansies or violas.. very pretty!
here is silly mikey.. laughing cause i was tickling him. and wearing.. 2 hats.. of course!

Friday, April 23, 2010

not much to say

not much going on lately. mikey went to school by himself yesterday and they said he did well. today he is going by himself again. he is sleeping better since i started giving min some claritin. he seemed to have an allergy problem.. sneezing, runny rose, watery i think it helped him.
i ordered these sandals today from forever 21. i didn't get any last year and i'm loving these very strappy sandals that are in style this year.
nothing planned for the weekend. maybe i'll go to the movies or something.. we'll see.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i have been reading a few books about the holocaust recently.

those who save us is fiction. this one is very interesting because it is about a german woman during the war.

sarah's key is also fiction. this one is haunting. but i read it so fast you cannot put it down.

the diary of anne frank. this one you can hardly put down either. i can totally understand why it is the number 2 best selling book of all time. the bible is number one. and she was so talented. i wish she could have lived to share more with us.

the last one i've read is survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi. this is a short book.. but it give you a very vivid description of what it was like in the work camp.

why all of this? my husband asked me too. i don't really know. it has always interested me and haunted me. i've even had dreams about it..even in teenage years. so i guess i am sort of studying it on my own.. trying to understand this horrible tragedy.. and i think it's good because we cannot ever forget it.


yesterday was a school day.. mikey's 4th day back to school. it went mostly well. some resistance and tantruming.. but nothing major. came home to find out that this new plumber we called used his "better and stronger" equipment to push the roots out of the sewer pipe and now it is working fine..and guaranteed for 1 year. so crisis averted..for now at least. and we will still get to go to the water park for mikey's birthday in may!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


it seems that things can always go wrong at the wrong time.. but our problem is one you never want. sewer problems! yes! and one that could potentially cost thousands to fix! that's the part i HATE about having a house!
but it just bums me out a bit cause i really wanted to take mikey to the waterpark for his birthday. i thought he'd enjoy it so much.
it's true though. things could always be worse...


i am happy to report that i found a bird lover who rescues bird! she picked up the woodpecker yesterday and took it off to a vet who volunteered to care for it. this morning she called to say that they said it is a migrant bird and a female. she also said that i took good care of her and she would keep me posted. here are two more pics i took before she left us.

Monday, April 19, 2010


i rescued this woodpecker in my yard yesterday. he has a broken wing and broken beak. i was going to leave him be.. he was in the yard on saturday and we tried to give him a little hiding place to rest. the next morning he was still there.. so i decided to put him in a cage. today i am going to see if i can find a vet or someone who wants to take him. if not i'll try to fix the wing myself (instructions on the internet). he is still alive this morning. i gave him bread, almonds and berries to eat. gonna try to go get him some bird food today. i think he might still be a baby..since he is rather small. i am calling him george. any advice appreciated!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

thift finds

very busy day yesterday. we bought mikey his new twin size bed, went to a couple thrift stores, shoe store, had a picnic outside and took a long walk.

not sure if this is lefton miss priss or not but i loved it. some chips around the edges.. but none on the face. it is a wall plaque.

petite damsel. occupied japan. he tiny face is carefully painted. she is just 3 inches tall.

i actually got this a few weeks ago but didn't show you yet. not sure why this appealed to me so much.. but i saw it maybe three times and liked it. so i finally bought it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


yesterday we had a nice day. we went to michigan city. first we went to the antique market..see pics below! then we went to the outlet mall and got mikey a few things fotr summer including a new pir of crocs (he loves crocs!). then we came home and ate and after that we spent the rest of the day outside.. mikey would stay outside all day if you let him.
while we were at the antique market, i also picked up a couple birthday gifts for my sister.. haha i'm finally ahead of you Amy!

this coffee pot was too pretty to pass up. and it wasn't very expensive either.

isn't this vintage box adorable. probably had a baby rattle or cup or something inside originally.

a vintage pin for my collection. i love the heart shaped rhinestones.

this is for a project. i wanted a pocket watch, but they are pretty expensive. this is smaller but very pretty.


sorry i've been away. when things get bad with mikey i tend to neglect everything. but hopefully he's better now. i have no idea why, but he's just been plain crabby the last few weeks. crying alot and waking in the night. he never shows us his tummy or head or anything like pains.. so i have no idea. but he seems better the last few days.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

collected over the years.. artist bears

i have a little collection of artist mohair bears. i started collecting these before mikey was born. typically i adopt just one a year.

these are all by donna hager. i love them so much!

this is the second one i got, i think. i love her two tone fur. she is a very victorian looking sweetheart!

she is a little beauty! i love her little feet too! se makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her!

my newest one. she is beautiful! the fur is so long and soft! you cannot help smiling when you see her! and she is my favorite color! thank you again donna!

this one i got last year. i love pastels. this little one is so yummy like cake!

my very first one! blue bearie. he has the prettiest softest fur! and his nose has sparkly threads.

this little guy i think i got when mikey was tiny or before he was born. he had been waiting for a new home for awhile, so i was very happy to adopt him!

these two are by emma braiden she is a very sweet bear maker! who lets me have lay a way! again, i love the colored bears! and her bears are adorable! these cuties traveled here from Australia!

this is my littlest darling! made by my friend catherine young, who lives in Belgium. he came with a little felt pumpkin too. he is small and adorable! thank you again for the swap catherine!

this one i got on ebay a long time ago. the seller was called floppy socks bears. i don't know what ever happened to her but i don't see her selling anymore. she is a cutie though with those big ears! and she was very inexpensive.. i think just 15.00! i have dressed her in a preemie dress from walmart.