Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

wishing all of my friends and family a very happy thanksgiving! and here are pics of pineapple crunch pie i make today.. funny thing is most of the things i bake i don't like!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


thank you amy for making the sale pic! hop over to my shop to see what's on sale! the enchanted pumpkin.

old navy wish list

old navy has a bunch of cute cosy slipper boots just now. some are fair isle sweater type which i love. i think they'd be really cosy. i'll have to buy myself some i santa doesn't

gifts for mikey

i got a coupon from janie and jack so we bought mikey a few christmas gifts. janie and jacks clothes and shoes are really nice but a bit too expensive for us so we wait for sales and coupons. the just added a new line with pandas for boys that i love but have to wait for them to be on sale too.
anyways here is what we bought him. the cute moose sweater vest to wear for christmas, the reversible moose t-shirt, suede loafers (mikey likes loafers cause they are easy to put on by himself) and little leather boots.
sorry the pics are small they are janie and jack stock pics and i dunno how to enlarge them.
aren't they cute!

Monday, November 24, 2008

christmas shopping

i am nearly done with my side of the family. this year everyone is getting a small gift but it will be either handmade or vintage. so alot of the gifts are from etsy! i finished buying the babies things today. i wish i could show all the cute things but i want them to be surprises.

i went a little crazy

with the red yarn! i bought a skein of red yarn on saturday and went crazy making dolly hats!

Friday, November 21, 2008

how does it feel...

to have a child with autism? you know that feeling.. the big lump in your chest and throat.. like when you break up with someone or say goodbye to someone you love..or when someone you love dies? that's how it feels..almost every day.

swap from bumkin bears

i was super happy when catherine asked me if i wanted to swap for sweet boo! i had been looking at him for awhile actually wanting him.
so i am very happy to introduce boo! he is a beautiful miniature bears. made with beautiful fur that is black with orange hairs so pretty. that face is simply adorable! and he brought his little pumpkin pillow with him and as you might have noticed i like pumpkins.
she also send some adorable smurf stickers and some fancy yarn bits! i love everything.
we are so happy boo traveled all the way from Belgium to live with us! cafe ole has already adopted him.
thank you so much catherine!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

crepe suzette!

i am so excited to have crepe suzette. she is another strawberry shortcake friend i've never had but wanted. so when i saw this one on ebay with a buy it now that wasn't bad..i snatched her up. no pet but her hair is really pretty. still curly and her cheeks are very rosy. isn't she sweet?

dinky babies

dinky babies are created by vickie riley. i adopted these from vickie herself. they were ade for me. i love them!. had them for several years now but never taken a pic.. anyways they are super sweet. vickie sells made up babies and patterns too. please visit her at

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

recent crochet

here are a few of my newest creations.

thrift store finds

here are some of my newest thrift store finds.. i found the blueberry muffin doll yesterday. looks like she wasn't played with. i am a sucker for dolls with unnatural colored hair!

i'm back...

just crazy busy here and still having sleep issues with mikey. his doctor thinks maybe he has acid reflux.. so no we need to take him to a gastro dr. also he is going to start going to a new occupational therapist.. which we will pay for since insurance doesn't cover autis therapy. so hopefully that will go well. it's good cause it is an evening appointment.
anyways will post somem fun pics next! huggs!

Monday, November 10, 2008

custom kitties finished!

these four custom kitties are made to look similar to the real cats! aren't they cute?! left- right
cutey, annabelle, bb and peanut.
hope you love them julia! thanks for the swap!

yet again a couple bad days...

we just can't seems to have more than a couple good days here! mikey hasn't been sleeping well and crying again.
also we are having a problem with him only wanting me..not daddy.. so i cannot cook, take a shower, go to the bathroom etc.. without him getting all upset.. and if that wasn't enough he wants me to carry him around. and he has gotten really heavy! and like i said it can only be me..not daddy.
what to do...?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

sometimes life is a bore!

or so it seems from this pic i took of mikey. he likes wearing his winter hats in the house!

Friday, November 7, 2008

on my feet

i thought i'd show you what i am wearing on my feetsies today.. sock dreams cotton ink lined socks and born many janes.. my favorite shoes...

custom order

here is a custom order. i am trying to finish these last few custom orders! here is a bear hat for a real baby. isn't it sweet! german berenguer doll models.

better pics

yesterday was extremely gloomy outside so i took cafe ole's pic with a flash. so today i took better pics. isn't she pretty!?


I finally figured out how to add that flickr box to my blog! forgive me i am computer challenged sometimes!.. but now you can see all of my pics! yipppee! i only have the basic account though. so there will always be 200 or less.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

a new addition and a good day!

we are having a good day here. no crying or tantrums! i even went for a visit to school and he was very good there too. they have stopped pushing him so hard so it is easier for him.
anyways i got a sweet new arrival today! i have been wanting strawberry shortcake's friend cafe ole for at least 7 years. i don't know exactly why i hadn't gotten her but i didn't. so when i saw this one with a good buy it now on ebay i snatched her up! and she does have burrito with her.. aren't they adorable!?
no if i can get crepe suzette that would be so nice! ttfn!

softie shelf

my softie shelf was really needing rearranging due to a couple newer additions. so i took ALL of their pics today! i have so many! and alot came from swaps. big huggs and thank yous to everyone who did a swap with me! enjoy the pics!
oh and my toni lives in the softie shelf that's why she got her pic taken too!