Thursday, March 31, 2011

he wouldn't give it up!

yesterday mikey found his favorite book (vintage atlas) downstairs and carried it up with him. he draws on it and looks at it for hours if you'll let him. generally i have to take it away for a few weeks due to obsession and paper cuts! so last night he wouldn't give it up...and proceeded to put it underneath himself so we couldn't take it from him. after he fell asleep i took this picture and removed the giant book. didn't look very comfy!

the enchanted pumpkin

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the enchanted pumpkin, a group on Flickr.

my group for posting pics with your enchanted pumpkin creations.

eye candy. bright rainbow colors.

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new flickr group i started.

bunny hats

custom ordered for spool dollies. all in 100% wool in yummy spring colors!