Wednesday, April 29, 2009

soap nuts

i am always trying to find more natural chemical free ways to clean our home.. so i saw these soap nuts on amazon. you put them in the little sack and throw it in your wash.. and they say your clothes come out clean and soft. will try these soon and let you know what i think! i also got the liquid version (water from saoking nuts). i am washing a load in this rght now.. so we'll see how they come out! coming home too!

-Ooh, look, a palm tree! Let's play 90210! I'll play Kelly!
- I'll play Brenda! Apple, you have to play Donna!
- I don't want to, I'm going home!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

boo's going home...

me: ok boo, i guess you are ready to go! we will miss you so!
boo: i can't go with out...
me: what dear?.. you have your bag, kibble, scarf, bed..what are we missing..

me: don't look so sad.. what is it.. please tell me..
boo: i wanna take my friend baby chicken... pwease!

boo: we are such good buddies. i promise to take good care of her!

me: what do you think little one? would you like to live in califorinia with boo?
baby chicken: yes, yes chirp!

me: ok then, we will miss you both! do send us a postcard sometime!

shelley gets a new dress

my sweet elf doll hana. who is named shelley got a new dress this week. it's actually a blythe size dress. but over her t-shirt it fits well.
i have been trying to crochet her a dress.. but so far not to happy with the fit.. will keep trying. isn't she a little cutie!?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


where did i go!? well i was sick! ugg! sore throat, fever etc.. so i didn't do much but read! i got more books last week and this week. more nicholas sparks. i finished reading true believer and at first site (which was really sad as usual) . also i got twilight from my nieghbor. so i have lots to read for the moment.
working on custom orders today..owl hats for blythe. i still have to finish an owl hat that is a gift for someone too.
anyways talk to you soon.. i hope!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i finally made two things on my to do list!....

i have been thinking of making a crocheted cupcake for a long time. so my sister wants dessert theme for our swap this month.. so here you go amy! i hope you like!

big yummy ribbon rose on the top and vintage pearls.. from vintage necklace..for sprinkles.

my beighbor asked me to do a christening gown set for her diosito (baby jesus) so i finally made it yesterday also. i wanted it to be fancy... but not too fancy..he is a boy! and a bit royal.

the gold around the hat looks like a halo.. like you see in some old paintings.

so there! two things off of my to do list! yeah!

boo's new friend!

strawberry: hi boo here is a little friend to play with!
boo: ahh do i have to?
strawberry: yes she is a very sweet baby chicken!

boo: you're right she is kinda cute and sweet!

boo: ok baby can have some of my cereal!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

apple update

My porridge is too hot, my porridge is too cold...
looks like she's eating well! she'll be coming home soon! another boo story will be up today!

Monday, April 13, 2009


nights of rodanthe! i dunno if it's cause it was so gloomy..or what but i sat and read the whole book in one day. and as usual it is sad.. so i'll put it in your next box you can read it. no what'll i read now...hmmmm

what's been going on...

i haven't posted much lately. been very busy i guess.
mikey is taking more supplements. they are supposed to help remove toxins from his body. he seems to be doing a little better lately. showing us when he needs diaper and even showing us that he needed to go potty a couple times. his eye contact has improved a bit too. he just seems to be paying a little more attention to things.
he is on spring break this week. so i'll be working with him. we play matching games and his physical therapist left some roller skates for him to try. he actually likes wearing them. i will try to make a video.

as for me and my hubby. we went to the movies twice these past weeks.. which was really fun cause before that we hadn't gone anywhere alone for over a year. mikey is getting respite care now so we are able to go out once in a while yeah!

i am still in a reading mood. i finished message in a bottle. (you were right amy, it was sad!) so when i was a target on friday i picked up nights in rodanthe. just started reading it this morning (i was up at 5:30) and i'm already on page 80! so i might very well finish it today. today is very gloomy. i am catching up on laundry today.

what else... oh yesterday we spent easter with my hubby's family. my mother in law came back from mexico after several months. mikey got some easter goodies from his aunt and uncle.

i guess that's about it..did i tell you i am expecting 2 new nieces or nephews later this year? the sad thing is they they don't live close by. i just adore holding newborns.. anyways i hope everyone had a great easter! i will post soon! i hope...


my new blythe doll arrived last week. i already gave her bangs and changed two eye chips! she is a cutie! here are some pics for you to see! she is winsome willow.

Friday, April 3, 2009

recent creations

i have been crafting.. just forget to post pics here. so here are some recent things i've made!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

now i'm reading...

my sister sent me 4 nicholas sparks books to borrow. so i finished the rescue. i really liked that one cause the woman has a disabled son like i can relate!
so now i'm starting a bend in the road....

oops missed one

oops missed this! i saw this adorable little vintage box.. marked $1.00 and i said ahh how cute!....

then i opened it and to my surprise two vintage silk garters..likely from the 1920's were inside! so i snatched them up! hey only $1.00 how could i resist!


we went to this horribly crowded indoor yard sale on saturday. when we got there the line was so long. so we left and went to the antique mall and came back to no line..weird huh? so i spent a fortune.. just look!

vintage skunk figurine. so cute. reminds me of something that happened when i was a little girl. cost $1.00.

vintage buttons. loved the colors and those very old mother of pearl ones. cost $4.00.

stack of vintage pictures. these are alot! i'll be keeping some and some will go to esty. cost 4.00.

vintage candy box.. cost $2.00 it has all of the candy names on the inside and these cute compartments! great to store embellishments i think!

vintage silk cushion. pincushion? i don't know.. but it's pretty cost .50 cents.

so as you can see i spent a fortune! i probably would have found more goodies but you could barely move in the place!