Friday, October 29, 2010

and last...

and last i am listing the she will be loved painting in my shop after a bit of tweaking.

and also adding this vintage braid fringe trim.
hope everyone has a fabulous and spooky halloween! see you soon!

snail mail...

mikey got a new monster hat from happy cloud thunder head. so cute! for halloween and all winter!

from etsy i got all these vintage sequins, beads and buttons. i'm sure you'll see these on my creations soon!

meet amie!

what can i say? junie moon was having a sale!

please meet Amie! (named after my sister Amy!) this is blythe thumpety thump.

her hair color is so pretty! and love her special lavender eyes too! so now we have 8!

october sister swap.

i am so behind on showing you things! so let me try to catch up! first, my october sister swap with my sister amy...

this month's theme was vintage.

tiny little vintage treasures! those pumpkins have foiled backs and you can't see it but the have faces! they are about 1/4 inch wide! also highly detailed cameos and little mother of pearl embellishments.

aren't they beautiful! i have something planned for these. hopefully i can show you next week!

pretty pink millinery flowers. love these!

and victorian postcards and trading card. don't you love the dancing couple? and the children! both are embossed too.
thank you amy! you really picked some wonderful and unique things! love you!

project runway...

i hope i'm not the only one who is bummed that Mondo didn't win! i thought everything he made was amazing and i LOVE the whimsical touches! i hope we will see more of your work Mondo! (as if he's reading this lol) and i would love to own something designed by you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so these are what i've been working on. the hats are wool. the pockets are wool blend sock yarn. i've had this idea for some time and finally brought it to life. aren't they cute?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

doll and toy show

went to a doll and toy show yesterday...

there was TONS of vintage halloween stuffs!

i REALLY wanted the hypnotic owl! the eyes spun and it played music. but it was $120.00!

i did get two vintage my little ponies. not sure if i'm keeping.

and some adorable vintage halloween things!

candy container.

i just had to get this "halloween queen" the lady said she was called. candy container.

and tally card with a pumpkin and an owl!

pony with a pumpkin.

this i didn't get at the doll show. i have been looking for her for months. finally found her. she is so cute! cute little skinny body and individual fingers. and love all the pink and frills!

halloween around town part one..and...

seems alot of people in my neighborhood decorate for halloween.

i took more.. but it was getting dark so they came out more soon!

trees turning pretty colors.

and my very own tree hugger!

Friday, October 22, 2010

packages, birds and corabelle.

just popping in to tell you that sweet corabelle is up in my shop!

also wanted to show you some work in progress. these tiny birds will be part of an idea i've had for awhile. should be ready early next week.

and all my international packages are ready! this month i have spain, germany, canada, united kingdom, netherlands, brazil, australia and uae!
thank you so much everyone! and thanks to my united states customers too! you all make me smile! love that my creations are all over the world! huggs to you all!

the ever changing inspiration board

i had to make some space for my two favorites in the black apple postcards. so i removed a bit and rearranged a bit. also you can see most of my paintings (by other talented artists) too!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

downsizing my books and mags

have SO many books and magazines. so once or twice a year i go through to see what can go. these are all in my shop! more coming soon too

new art by me and other fun.

finished two new paintings... not listing them today though since i am super busy packing up international packages for saturday. thank you everyone!

this one is titled "she will be loved" yeah i really like that song.

i used some gold paint on this one. it looks really pretty!

and this cutie is corabelle.

i also got the BLACK APPLE lost on the midway postcard pack during the sale.

these two are my favorites. i would love to get the large print of the girl on the elephant ride sometime.