Wednesday, March 31, 2010

thrift store finds

found these pretties last week.

beautiful german chocolate pot with pink carnations. i actually have 2 other chocolate pots. i'll try to show them to you later.

flower encrusted vases.

and this sweet celluloid doll. she has a very elaborate costume. i love all the laces and trims. she also has glass eyes. whom ever had her took very good care of her. she is staying with me now!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

forever 21

forever 21 has become my favorite online shopping site. i got these today.

they always have cute hair accessories.

and i fell in love with the sweet shabby style ankle boots!

Friday, March 26, 2010

collected over the years. woven textiles

though i love the shabby style, i also love brightly colored things. over the years i have collected a few woven textiles from Mexico and Guatemala.

i got this one on ebay. i have no idea where it is from. but i loved the colors. feels like wool. very scratchy.

my mother in law brought me this one from mexico. it is a rebozo. used to carry babies or just keep warm. it is a beautiful woven pattern. thick yarn.

i guess this is a table runner. it's too small to be a rebozo. my sister in law brought me this one from mexico.

these are scarves.. but i use them for table runners. made in guatemala. i got the one on the far left from the field museum in chicago. they have alot of guatemalan handwork there. the other two were bought on ebay.

these two rainbow colored rebozos were brought from mexico. one by my sister in law and one by my friend. so pretty!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

march sister swap

i got my monthly swap from my sister Amy this week. this months them was spring/easter. she sent some really fun stuff!

pretty ribbon in yummy colors.

bunny treat bags and sparkly ric rac.

these are so cute! owl brads! i had actually looked at these on ebay several times but never bought them. the colors are really pretty too.

i LOVE this paper pad! the prints are so cute and the colors are beautiful! perfect!
thank you Amy! as usual you sent some wonderful things!

Monday, March 22, 2010

snail mail

this cute little guy is from one of my favorite softie makers wawaya. he brought the little kitty with him. aren't they sweet?

this sprout is too keep mt mp3 player cord untangled. of course i got a pink one!

liberty of london

i love the liberty of london stuff at target! i wanted to buy pretty much everything. but i exercised restraint and just got two things.

cereal keep craft supplies in.

and this pretty fabric covered box to keep my huge amount of blythe clothes inside.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

thank you julia!

my friend julia made this pouch for me! isn't it cute! i love the panda fabric. she made this especially for me to hold my mp3 player and with the neck strap so i can have hanging on my neck when i don't have pockets. i love it! hop over to her shop sometime. she has some adorable pouches! simbiosisbyjulia

who needs easter bunnies?

i have been thinking of what to get mikey for easter. he's really not into bunnies.. he likes monsters and other strange things. so i ordered him this monster drazoo from happycloud.
it is made by the same seller who we bought a hat from before and by the way.. mikey loves that hat so much he has worn it for 48 hours straight!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


after 8 months. the chipped and funny shaped teeth will be fixed when they come off.

my puddin

dusting dollies today. i am seriously trying to downsize EVERYTHING! but some things you just have to pudding by madame alexander. she was a lucky thrift find.if i remember right she was just $4.00.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the calmady children

my hubby gave me this huge print for christmas this past year. i had no idea who it was by buy found out today by coincidence. it is by Sir Thomas Lawrence in 1832. the little girls names were Emily and Laura Anne. the original can be found at the met. you can see it on their website here.

alice in wonderland.

i got a little break this weekend just for me and went to see the new tim burton alice in wonderland. i really loved it. true it is a little strange but alice in wonderland is a strange story.. i don't think it was too scary for little ones.
my favorites were alice's many dresses..since she keeps changing sizes! and the cheshire cat. he had the most beautiful turquoise eyes. and i loved johnny depp as the mad hatter.
i was so inspired by the mad hatter's hat that i can home and tried to replicate it. here is what i came up with.
so f you are an alice fan, i definitely recommend you go see it!

my little two headed dolly

i recently got this adorable two headed dolly in a swap from devoutdolls. she is the cutest little thing! yes a little strange but so adorable! the faces are truly adorable! and she was so sweet to make her with pink hair just for me. thank you so much Sara!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

lil' bird brain hats!

my newest idea come to life!


i just saw the trailer for twilight eclipse! it looks like it's gonna be great! too bad they replaced the old victoria.. but i can't wait till june!
i really loved new moon and i am waiting anxiously for the 20th so i can go scoop it up. only about a week and a half now!
if you haven't seen the eclipse trailer head on down to yahoo to see it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

other snail mail

also arrived today.

bolt of very pretty vintage trim!

and some new socks. over the weekend i noticed my socks are getting shabby. two even had holes! so i ordered a couple new pairs. yummy spring colors!

new girl!

we have a new girl! just arrived today! please meet Juliet. who i named after Juliet from the 1960's version movie, which i love. she is a VERY pretty girl with thick hair. i am very relieved that she is so beautiful since i had to find new homes for several dollies so that she could come live with us.