Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mikey and school

yesterday we had another meeting with the school. basically they are not giving him enough time and one on one attention and forcing him to do things.. i mean taking his hands and actually forcing him..even if he is already upset. so anyway i have been complaining about this and a few other things.
well today they called me to go get him. he was throwing a tantrum and banging his head. nothing would console him. not swinging, not playing, not a snack nothing. so i went to go get him. when i got there he was finally swinging and when he saw me he jumped off so fast and hugged me so tight and was fine the rest of the day. and now he has more bruises on his head.
so i don't know what to do..he cannot talk to tell me why he is upset or what happened. anyways it is very upsetting and not sure exactly what to do next. hopefully tomorrow will be better.
on the good side he has started imitating me when i open my mouth or stick me tongue out. he hasn't imitated faces in a very long time so i think that's good. i have been trying to teach him how for a long time.
and the strange thing is..when he was a year old he could!
sorry for posting another gloomy post.. huggs to all!

finally a new amigurumi

i have been so busy with custom orders and hats that i haven't made any amigurumi for the shop. so last night i started making up this little black mouse alfred. he is sort of halloween themed with the black and green and purple. he is so sweet! hoping to make a few black cats next!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


apples and donuts from the orchard and the gift shop. the donuts are apple cinnamon and pumpkin. so yummy!

county line orchard

we just got back from county line orchard. it was really fun. we picked bunches of apples, road on the tractor ride, fed some goats and saw alot of animals. we brought home some yummy goodies too that i'll take pics of later. it was all very fun except the mosquitos were biting! enjoy the pics!

thrift store finds..

we also went to a couple thrift stores. i found 9 doll magazines, some vintage buttons and two antique books.
the books are little men by louisa may alcott copyright 1913 and a thorn among the roses by mrs. georgie sheldon copyright 1899.
so that'll feed my hunger for old books for awhile! the little men book has 4 illustrations and the thorn among roses still has the dust jacket! and look at the beautiful illustrations on the dust jacket and cover!
these books only cost $3.00 for the pair so i think that was a good deal. and they aren't falling apart or anything!

flea market find

we went to a small flea market this weekend. i didn't bring the camera but i did buy these sweet hummel wannabe figurines. i have a small collection of these. and at a bargain price of $3.00 each how could i resist!

Friday, September 26, 2008

i used to paint

before my son was born i was really trying to learn to paint. but i gave it up when i got pregnant and haven't started again. but recently i have been thinking i should try again. here are some of my paintings. these all hang in my home. i have a few more that aren't framed. maybe i can show you those another day.

art collection

i have been buying paintings over a few years at thrift stores. i guess they would be amateur paintings. but i love them and the hang in all areas of my house. while i dream of owning a renior or cassatt these please me with their beauty and i am happy to have rescued them from the uncertain fate of the thrift stores.

the dryer story

a few months ago our clothes dryer died. no warning just died. so i started hanging clothes outside. so big deal i didn't mind and with how hot it had been they dried pretty fast actually.

so i hung the clothes for several weeks. but with winter looming closer everyday i was worried. so we had been looking in the newspapers for used dryers for sale. finally we found one at a yard sale. really rather old and came with a washer. $50.00 for the set. so my brother in law helped us bring them home. they put the spare washer in the garage for when our now 10 year old washer decides to die.

so our new used $25.00 dryer. worked but had some issues. like the lint screen had a small tear, the dryer keeps going when you open in and it was really squeaky. but it was dring the clothes so i was happy.

so yesterday my brother in law (who works for the home depot) calls and sys he got us a new scratch and dent dryer! so i am guessing it's just a regular simple dryer. but when he brings it over last night it is a really nice dryer! with the wetness sensors and everything! it is pretty scratched up but i don't mind. it is a maytag bravos fabric care system dryer. it turns out it is a really expensive dryer and he got it for a mere $100.00! so all i can say is i am happy! this is probably the nicest dryer i will ever own. and thank you to my brother in law who is constantly helping us out!

will post a pic soon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wish list

time for another wish list! there are so many wonderful thing on etsy. i cannot afford them all so i post wish lists from time to time to share the wonderful things i have seen on etsy.

first we have this beautiful scarf by azul. it looks like a rose. i think it is beautiful! i wanna be a rose!

next we have this adorable kokeshi style felted doll by yuyuart . the colors are so pretty and i just love the little face and hair!

and last this adorable plini figurine doll by magicbeanbuyer.
i love the colors and those cute mushrooms on it's head! and the faces are just too cute!

i would like to thank these three sellers for letting me feature them here and i hope you will visit they're wonderful shops!

a new interest

i have recently become very interested in antique publications. novels, books on etiquette and fashions. i haven't bought any yet but have been looking. i have always been interested in vintage things but theses is of more of an antique variety 1920's or older. if i do buy anything i will post about it here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

shelley and her pet dragon

shelley is making herself right at home here and has adopted mikey's dragon! she says it is a friendly dragon so we shouldn't worry. so i took some pics today of her with her pet. plus a few others. she is such a sweet little girl!

first blindbox toy

i recently bought a bamboozoo bamboobi toy but it was of course already opened so i knew what i was getting. so it wasn't a surprise.
a couple weeks ago i discovered these droplets by jam factory and just loved them. so generally i wait a couple weeks or more before i buy something. to make sure i really want it.
well they stuck in my head so i bought my very first blindbox toy! and i got the green one apple sour. isn't he cute!?
i think i may allow myself just one of these toys per month if the budget allows..
so here are some pics of apple sour and bamboobi.

Monday, September 22, 2008

random yard pics

i took some random pics in the yard today. flowers, our new sidewalk, our little peach tree, new baby grass, clothes pins on the line and the signs of autumn. leaves and mums about to bloom!