Wednesday, August 27, 2008

thrift store finds

i have been so slow to show my recent thrift store finds.. i dunno if i can even catch up! but yesterday i found all of these pretty vintage linens. crocheted hot pads, hankies, a place mat, a tea towel and even a beautiful full coverage apron in a feedsack type fabric. whenever i find so many things like this at the same store i wonder if they all belonged to the same lady....

Monday, August 25, 2008

wish list...

it's been ages since i posted a wish list so i thought i'd post one today.
i love this sweet adorable soft sculptured bebe doll from cassienipper.

i am so loving this print by marmeecraft.
i just love the owls! don't they have just the sweetest faces! i really must buy this one soon!. next this sweet

and last this adorable doll from hapslappy's house.
i just love her hair and her outfit and that sweet face.

so go check out these shops to see more of their adorable things!

eleven carlo

i recently found out that see kai run has started making larger sizes. the new brand is called eleven. so i was asked to review these wonderful shoes.
now my review will be a little different than a usual review. the reason being my son has autism and doesn't speak. so he cannot tell me if he likes them.
so anyways. i got the adorable carlo style which is a slip on style. my son can put them on by himself very easily. my son is very picky about his shoes so i am very happy to say he wears them without complaining or pulling on them at all. and he can run very easily and fast!
the sizing is a little bit smaller in my opinion. he is wearing size 10 in other brands but in eleven we got size 11 and they fit great with growing room.
the shoes themselves are really adorable and so unique! all in all i am thrilled!
thank you so much eleven for making these larger sizes and adorable styles! i will be back for more!

please visit their website at to see the whole line of cute shoes!

Friday, August 22, 2008

recent swaps...

i love doing swaps! i recently swapped for these sweet spool dollies from wunderkind on etsy. they are just the cutest little dolls! they are made of wood and handpainted! then she puts a ribbon around the spool. i just adore them!
also i got this arable knitted bear hat for bethie from lucypostcardquilts. it is hand knitted with needle felted details and the ties have little needle felted balls on them.. too cute!
be sure to visit the two wonderful etsy sells. thanks to both of you!

pink swap

i love all the pics on flickr of color themed swaps so i thought maybe my sister and i could do one. i sent her purple and she sent me pink. and can you believe all the pretties she sent! fabrics, ribbons, sticky notes, fairy notecards, yarn, treat bags, a super cute bandanna and some hello kitties goodies (adorable change purse and solid rose scent perfume..smells so yummy!). also some not pink things like those adorable owl stickers! and she wrapped everything so cute! she wrapped all the bundles in muslin, tied them with pretty ribbon and put a cut out wood shape tag on each!
i just love everything amy! thank you!
and for our september swap i'll be getting everything in polka dots! whohoo!

handmade by amy part 2

my sister amy has become very crafty recently and is planning to open an etsy shop sometime. she makes baby things. cute taggie blankets and recently working on blocks and she made some washcloths for mikey. i love them so much! thank you amy!
ps mikey played with that block a long time yesterday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

first day of kindergarten!

mikey had his very first day of kindergarten yesterday. his teacher call later and said he did pretty good.. but did cry a bit. so here are some pic of him while we were waiting for the bus.. and check out the supply list! ugg! gotta go get all of this this weekend!
10 glue sticks
4 boxes of kleenex
4 rolls of paper towels
two containers of clorox wipes
1 pk paper plates
1pk cups
1pk napkins
1 box big crayons
1 toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste

sheesh! seems like a lot! it'll be a big garbage bag full!
anyways hope he likes kindergarten.. he is at a new school.. and has a new teacher.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

and the winner is....

RACHAEL! if you can please post your email via comment(won't be published) i will email you to get your mailing address.. thanks to everyone!

giveaway tonight

my hubby will draw the name for our first giveaway later today when he gets home.. they are only 6 names so everyone has a good chance! talk to ya soon!

happy 1st birthday alie!

want to wish my cute little niece alie a very happy 1st birthday! i hope you had lots of fun! love you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

bye bye windows

i am no longer using window operating system..i am now on linux. my brother in law who always fixes our computers set up my pc with linux.. so it'll take a little getting used to and i need to download my camera software onto this one but hopefully it will work better.. thanks so much jesse!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the arrival of a tiny princess

my very first lati doll belle arrived saturday! she has the sweetest angelic face! she is so tiny but so detailed and adorable! i am already making things for her to wear and for the shop.. i feel very lucky to be able to have one of these adorable tiny dollies!

a VERY interesting fish

my son spent several minuted jst examining this toy fish yesterday.. it was so funny i had to take some pics.. silly mikey!

Monday, August 11, 2008

yard sale finds

this week we went yard sale-ing saturday morning.. went to several where we bought nothing at all. but i did find one where the seller had lots of vintage shabby style goodies. so i bought this jewelry box that plays music and also this box with holly hobbie type illustrations.. it is difficult to open which is good for me with my nosey son!

chinese shoes

when we were little we almost always wore chinese shoes. there were several store that sold mostly chinese goods where we shopped. they were comfortable and inexpensive. i think most of these stores we used to shop at have closed. but i searched on ebay and found several stores that sell chinese shoes. so i bought these velvet mary janes. they are cotton lined and super soft! welcome back old friend!
i am thinking i might embellish them somehow.. but they are pretty as they are too!

monkey week!

we have a new monkey for monkey week! please meet maxine! she is a bit of a neat freak! she particularly likes washing dishes and dusting! but she also love tea and reading..she could be a very best friend for you!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


we went to borders yesterday after a bunch of yards sale... and got some new eye candy and real candy..
the eye candy is the newest issue of artful blogging. i love this magazine. it is really more like a book..and for the price i guess it should be. also got the newest fashion doll quarterly.. i really should just subscribe to these to save some $$$$
also got this box of lindt swiss tradition chocolates which was on sale.. and they are very yummy! my fist time trying lindt chocolates and i must say they are very good!

so anyways i will post thrift store and yard sale finds soon.

giveaway reminder...

just a reminder.. i am still open for comments on the giveaway! it has been pushed back a bit by other posts.. all you need to do is leave a suggestion for a movie, book, website..etc.. and you can win the sweet bambola edith! good luck!

Friday, August 8, 2008

and one more makes three

i got my third petite blythe recently. so i guess i have a collection now.. they had a welcome tea party the day of little mimi's arribal. their names are milly (red hair), polly (blonde) and mimi(brown). aren't they cute? gnome hats from neuart on etsy!