Monday, August 30, 2010

antique mall finds and.....

i have been slacking on my blogging. mostly cause i am in a not so good mood lately. things have just been rough the last couple months around here. but i am going to try to catch up! so...

i forgot to show you this little guy. i won him on ebay a few weeks? or maybe over a month ago. he is a little kokeshi from the usaburo studio. perhaps the cutest kokeshi i've seen and i love it!

these are yesterdays antique mall finds!

a new and PINK hat for my ever growing collection! i love this shade of pink!

i think this is for serving vegetables or a side dish. marked bavaria and so beautiful!

this very tiny size hankie holder is so beautiful! i love the ombre ribbon and it has a sachet and hankie inside!

and i couldn't resist this japanese pose doll! so charming!

i also wanted to tell you i finally payed off a bear that i had on lay a way and she'll be arriving soon! can't wait to show you! hope everyone had a great weekend!

halloween cake hats

made up some simple halloween hats for strawberry shortcakes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

a few more hats..

not much going on here. just walking the neighborhood as usual. i did go see vampires suck with my neighbors the other day which was fun since i rarely get a night out.
made up a few more hats this week. i love halloween!
hope everyone has a super great weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emma's giveaway!

Emma is having another giveaway! she makes the most wonderful bears and other mohair animals. you can win one of these adorable twin bears. just hop over to her blog (which is a very fun blog indeed!) and enter! thank you for having such a fun giveaway Emma!

Monday, August 23, 2010

a bit of halloween

i love halloween!so of course there would be some halloween hats!more to come!

Friday, August 20, 2010

news, news, news.....

some new to share.. first about mikey. mikey lost his two top front teeth this week. i must thank mother nature for saving me hundreds of dollars because i was thinking we might pull them out due to the cavities. he is still moody as usual. we took him to his autism doctor and they recommended us to try some new supplements and things. so we'll see if anything helps.
and for a few of you know i have polycystic ovarian syndrome. i had an ultrasound done last weekend to look for that area.. it came back normal. so now she wants me to have blood work done.
and my shoulder.. my problematic shoulder.. i saw one doctor about 2 weeks ago and he said it may be tendinitis. so i followed up with my regular doctor and she thinks it might be a pinched nerve. she wants me to have massage therapy ( yeah well i'll try to fit that in my schedule!) and see her in 3 weeks. she thinks i'll need an mri. and NO PICKING UP YOUR 45 POUND CHILD! well see how that goes....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

august sister swap.

this month's theme was pink. and as usual my sister amy did a great job. she always gets so much for just $10.00! i love everything! thank you so much! and love you lots!

pink staples! who knew they made such a thing! and pretty rhinestones, cake ribbon and flowers.

stickers and letters, jewels and erasers.

treat bags, more pretty flowers paper and yarn.

very pretty yarn to make dolly things.\

pretty sparkling jewels.

an adorable owl sticker.

and very kawaii looking erasers.

thift store finds.

found some goodies the other day...

pretty buttons for my stash.

depression era little girl's dress.

metal buttons.. these are on etsy.

pretty tea towel and hankie.

and a hand painting china dish. marked france on the bottom.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


just want to wish my sister amy a very happy birthday! hope you have a great birthday! we love you lots!

Friday, August 13, 2010

hoots visits the pumpkin patch.

i did another swap with Lauren over at FairRosamund. i couldn't resist this adorable owl on top of a pumpkin. how perfect is that!? isn't little hoots adorable? be sure to visit her shop soon! she also sent some cute stickers with her art on them. thank you again Lauren!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a surprise gift!

i got a surprise in the mail a couple weeks ago from my friend catherine. who is a bear maker. she makes the most beautiful baby faced bears!

she sent me so beautiful purple bear fur to make a mini bear! and the thread and eyes too! now i gotta try it out! just as soon as i get brave enough to cut the pretty lavender fur!

she also sent this cute button she made and this pretty bear bookmark! she knows i'm a bookworm! thank you catherine! your surprise really brightened my day! huggs!

finally some fun thrift store finds!

after two months of no thrift shopping i finally got over to my favorite thrift store and found a bunch of fun stuff!

cute vintage dolls.

this cute bonnet has such pretty embroidered roses and ribbon trim.

two vintage hats with millinery flowers.

a vintage tin. i actually have one just like this already. so now i have two!

i dream of going to paris to see the Eiffel tower. well this is as close as i'll ever get. i've actually bid on these on ebay a few times but never win. so i was happy to find this tiny one.

and some books! beautifully bound editions too. anna karenina was on my amazon list so that was a lucky find!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

snail mail and a new doll

this i found at target. the newest re-creation of strawberry shortcake. she is really cute! but doesn't come with custard the cat!

new beautiful noro japanese yarn.

and new from polly! beautiful dolly clothes!