Friday, February 27, 2009

birthday gift!

yes another one! this one from my good friend rosy..who lives in mexico. she sent the most amazing little box of treasures! mexican stationary, a cute pig key chain pouch, flying pig hair clips, buttons and beads , handmade goodies from her shop micasita , hello kitty candy dispenser that is too cute and more!! thank you rosy! i love everything! you are the sweetest friend!

packed up and ready to go!

we have 13 international packages to ship this month! only 1 is a swap! the countries for this month are.. DENMARK, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NETHERLANDS AND SINGAPORE!
BIG HUGGS to everyone who ordered this month!

new socks!

i haven't bought any socks from my favorite sock dreams since november! and since some of my older ones are wearing out, i bought a new pair this morning. i love the colors on these!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

antique etiquette

i recently won this antique etiquette book on ebay. copyright 1891. written by mrs. annie r. white. it has several beautiful illustrations in it.. most of which have nothing to do with jack and the beanstalk??????????
so i will be starting a regular post on etiquette quoted from this book. todays advise is..
from the table manners.
if a guest does not care for a certain article on the table, or for some reason does not wish to partake of it, he should not refuse it by stating "cheese don't agree with me" or " i can't endure tomatoes." but simply say "i do not care for any, thank you."
we well remember the horror and disgust with which an apparently well bred lady filled her listeners at the the table by declining a certain dish with the assertion that "it took to long to digest, and her doctor has forbidden it."

more advice from mrs. annie r. white soon!

prima silk road flowers

i got these beautiful prima flowers on ebay. they come with matching buttons. these are large flowers. about 3" across. and the come in the cute can! buttons in the separate tin..that has a magnet so it stays on the can.
i'll be using these for doll hats.

new amigurumi!

i really haven't made many amigurumi lately. but next week i'll try to make a bunch. yesterday i finished this little monkey girl named maura.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

febuary swap

i got my swap from my sister. this time our theme was valentine's day. she sent so many pretty things! i love everything amy! i dunno how you get so much for so little! thank you!

a new book to read. will letcha know if it is a good one!

so much stuff! glitter, jewels, flowers, a stamp, a bunch, buttons, lots of pretty ribbons and the pretty hair clips she made.

the hairbows are too cute!and the flowers are crocheted by me. i might use these for my dolls but i might wear them myself!

hankie holder collection

i have heard that anymore that 3 of something equals a collection. so i guess i have a collection of hankie holders now. i won these beauties on ebay last week. i just love the satiny fabric, ribbons and rosette trims. and all of this hold your hankies!

goodies from mexico part two.

here are the rest of my goodies my neighbor brought me. isn't the yarn beautiful!?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

goodies from mexico part one.

i love things from other countries. especially handmade things. so when my neighbor said she was going to mexico..i asked if she would bring me back a few goodies.. so here is what she brought!

mikey stole this from me right away. it is a pretty tote basket woven from plastic cording. he put his toys in it. put it on his head..he didn't want to give it up at bedtime!

beautiful rainbow woven rebozo. these are used as wraps and to carry things..and babies!

a robozo made of fleece. this is so soft and warm. you could easily make this yourself!

and a pretty doily with embroidered flower and crocheted edge. love the bright colors.

will show you the rest soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

my first order from anthropologie

i am always daydreaming..looking at anthropologie..wanting to order..but to be honest it's really out of my budget. i loved all of the winter hats they had this year. so when i saw this one on clearance for 9.95.. i snagged it! and it really is beautiful and well made.
and it came wrapped in tissue paper and the invoice inside a cloth bag.
maybe i'll be able to order something else sometime.
any btw doesn't it look like something i would make for blythe!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

birthday gifts from mom

my mom told me the other day i would be getting a surprise in the today scarlet arrived! made by hanging by a thread on etsy. isn't she the cutest raggedy ann elf! and so many details on her outfit! and look at her little pinwheel! too cute!

she also sent me this sweet little quilt which i think i'll hang on the wall. it's it pretty? and very nicely made too!

thanks mom! i love them! they may have been late but worth the wait!