Monday, January 31, 2011

my sister in law got me this scarf and bracelets from on of my favorite stores..forever 21!

i LOVE this one! so pretty and victorian!

this one is really pretty too and love the scarf w/ roses on it! thank you ROSY!

ROSY also gave me these yummy victorias secret lotion, body spray and shower gel. thank you ROSY!

and my niece and her family gave me this cute bunny card and the monster high doll below. this one is named cleo de nile from the dawn of the dance series. isn't she cute! thank you DEEDEE! AND FAMILY TOO!

thanks to everyone for making my birthday special this year! big huggs!

birthday gifts part one.

i got several fun birthday gifts that i haven't shown you so here is part one!

my sweet sister (who is the best sister in the world!) got me these adorable scrapbook page kits. i had seen this one recently but couldn't get it that day. so she was sweet enough to go find it for me! thank you amy you are so sweet to me!

isn't the paper adorable? reminds me of japanese fabrics.

she also got me the boy one which i hadn't seen and it is so cute too!

how can you resist owls and cats in a sailboat???

and this little guy was crocheted just for me by my mom. isn't he funny and cute?

just look at those cute frog legs!

and she also made me these pretty potholders. thank you mom!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


i have read 4 books so far this month so i am at my goal of 3-5 a month.

i read the second in the millennium series..the girl who played with fire. like the first one you can hardly put it down. i didn't have the third book when i finished so i picked this short around 200 page book by elizabeth gilbert. it is basically a book full of strange short stories. but an interesting and entertaining short read.

so now i have the 3rd millennium book (just arrived a few minutes ago!) the girl who kicked the hornet's nest. and i'll start it today!

feel free to post book suggestions! ttfn!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend project

i whipped up this envelope style pillow cover over the weekend. i love these bright fabrics!

blinded by love

Friday, January 21, 2011

owl pillows

i had been thinking of making an owl pillow for my little niece sarah who's birthday was this month. so this morning i whipped up these without a pattern. not perfect but cute!

this one is for sarah. i did the ears separate on this one because when i freehand cut out this owl, i decided the ears were too small. the eyes are entirely buttons to pose chocking hazards and it is soft so she can lay on it without getting scratched.

and this one i made for myself. to keep for reference in case i make anymore. my sister sent me this adorable mushroom fabric in one of our swaps.

hope you have a great weekend!

snail mail

amie got a hat and sweater from megipupu.

and i got this plush wasabi bean from strapya. isn't it adorable! and my favorite color of course!

and this little roly poly egg cat. it meows when it tips over. very cute! also from strapya.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


this morning i woke up to this cute little owl, a box of my favorite chocolates and a really sweet card from my husband. it's been a very nice birthday! i had a nice long chat with my sweetest sister and lots of emails and messages. big huggs to everyone for making my day special!

these are from fannie may. pixies and trinidads.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

birthday gifts!

this is what i bought myself for my birthday....yep i buy myself a gift! who know what you want better than you? she was on my wishlist for a few years..but couldn't find her. so a couple weeks ago i did an ebay search out of the blue..and there she was! isn't she beautiful? love that long aqua hair! and her face is so sweet! she is jun planning hestia isora in case you need her too!

and my husband got me this monster high girl i've been wanting. frankie stein! isn't she cute?

and here are my two monster girls together.