Friday, April 29, 2011


mikey was sick tuesday night w/ the stomach flu or something and last night my husband and i got it too. what a horrible night! hopefully all better in a few days. happy weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

swap from alex!

i did a swap with my friend alex over at wunderkind. she makes the cutest wooden dolls and things!

this little green haired girl is midori. and isn't that apple box adorable! and the bookplates! love those! thank you so much alex!

another tooth gone!

mikey lost a tooth last week. here is a pic of him in the yard on saturday. you can see all his cute gaps and teeth that are growing in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011



Friday, April 22, 2011

alice cullen

alice cullen is my favorite girl vampire on twilight. so i decided to paint a cutesty version of her. here she is! beware! she can see your future!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the sun came out!

i didn't think we'd get any sun today either... but it brightened up just now! so i took some pics of my chasing rainbows collection.

mikey's animals

mikey likes these SCHLEICH animals. i think cause they are heavy. he doesn't pretend play with them. just carried them around and looks at them. sometimes bangs them on things. but he likes them. he might carry one all day. so i got him the elephant this month. sort of an easter gift. when he saw it he snatched it from me and carried it around most of the day. i think i'll try to get him a new one each month and teach him what they are called. next month i'm thinking either a hippo or giraffe. i also like that the company says they are lead free which is a big concern for toys!

isn't it realistic?

thrifted toys

you may have noticed..i like toys! i found these fairytopia dolls at the thrift store. aren't they adorable?

also found this pony..frilly frocks. two more ponies to show you when i can get decent pics!

whats going on....

haven't posted much lately. not much interesting to show you i guess. no vintage finds. i have been having some tingling and numbness in my fingers..i think from playing mario brothers in my DS. so taking a bit of a crochet break and reading as you saw in the previous post.
mikey is good. lost another tooth on tuesday. well actually he made me pull it out since it was being stubborn.
the last two nights he's been waking up crying. so i am tired. and also the rainy every day weather isn't helping my gloomy mood.
i do have some fun stuff from my sister swaps to show you. but waiting for sunshine to take some pics!


i took a bit of a reading break and finally started a book last week. the kitchen house. that was a really great book. but sad too.

last night i finished this one. also some sad parts. i always seem to get books that make me feel like crying! but i got these from the thrift so didn't know what they were about. i got a whole bunch that day and wasn't reading the backs.. just grabbing them up! but so far they have been great!

and yesterday this new twilight guide arrived. i pre-ordered it on amazon. they were so slow this time!
picked another book last night. will show you later.

Friday, April 15, 2011

april book 1

took a bit of a reading break. was trying to wait for my preordered official twilight guide but it's not here i started this one.
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

little rainbows

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 days at walmart.

i went to walmart on tuesday and much to my surprise i found the two littlest pet shop blythes i've been looking for. i have been waiting to buy any of these cause i really wanted these two particular ones. so when i got back.. and took one out and posted pics on flickr.. someone told me about a $5.00 off coupon. so yesterday i went back the next day. bought them with the coupon and returned them with the first receipt so i could get $10.00 back.

aren't they sweet! i am really happy i found them!

ok so what did i do with that $10.00? buy these little mermaid squinkies! i haven't bought squinkies yet. though i have been eye-ing them for some time. i love tiny things so when i sw the disney ones i really wanted the ariel ones. it was hard to choose between snow white and ariel. so maybe snow white next time. those dwarfs were adorable!

no i have to say, i hardly ever find something for my house at walmart that i just have to have. but these towels i love! i love polka dots and so does mikey. and they were on clearance for $3.50 each. i just hope they wash well. i don't think i've bought towels from walmart before.

and this is for me! strawberry sleep shirt! couldn't resist! see what happens when you go to walmart two days in a row?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

february sister swap

see how behind iam! this is my february swap from my sister! the theme was valentines day. and as usual amy found wonderful things! thank you so much amy! love u!

pretty fabric.

i LOVE these felt birds!

really cute stickers! and with an owl! love!

crystal beads and adorable stamp!

rub ons! with hearts and cupcakes! and coversation hearts. see, some say text me. lol

glittery heart paper!

and goodie bags!

Monday, April 11, 2011

from liza!

i am behind on showing you things.. again! this wonderful goodie package came from my friend liza! thanks so much liza!

pretty hair accessories.

cupcake memo pad and cute deer scrapbook paper.

baggies to send goodies in!

paintings so far

these are all the paintings i've done since i started painting again. some were gifts. some are in my shop.