Thursday, October 29, 2009

my newest dollies!

i got a few new dollies over the last few weeks...

these are my new blythe dolls. simply peppermint and simply lilac. i have renamed them serafina and evangeline. aren't they pretty? hats are by megipupu on etsy and scarf by polly on etsy,

and this cutie is a blythe clone, wannabe, fakie whatever you'd like to call it. she s called a color changing eyes doll. she is very cute and her hair is cotton candy pink.. so i have named her cotton.
her dress was made by jenny couture on etsy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

today's snail mail

got some goodies today...

in case you didn't notice.. i love the twilight series. so i got the illustrated companion to new moon on all the pictures! will add this to me reading pile too! i would love to get a new moon calender for 2010.. but we'll see.

amy my october swap from my sweet sister amy! she got me all yarns this month. all in beautiful variegated colors..which i love! including some sock yarns.. which are my absolute favorite lately!
thank you so much amy!

vintage dollies!

i found all these cute little dolls on saturday. i love the ones in pink and the tiny marie antoinette looking one! i think i am mostly caught up now. i have a couple other swaps and new dolls to show you. but will do that tomorrow.. i hope!

vintage thrift store finds

i found these a couple weeks ago. i am always so behind lately!

beautiful antique lace! i was very surprised to find his.

vintage feedsack type fabric.

a box of buttons and a big swirly celluloid button and an interesting mother of pearl button with metal lined holes.

it was really a great find! and i think i paid $3.00 for the lot!

snail mail

i got all these pretty christmas trims in the mail on saturday. they arrived from canada. aren't they pretty! they are now stored inside the snow man tin from my last post!

thrift store supply finds

i found a few supplies at the thrift store. last time i went the had more.. i should have gotten more jingle bells! i'll look again this weekend.

i dunno what i'll do with these, but they are very pretty!

a tin to keep things in. it is hard to open! good for keeping curious little hands out!

again, i don't know what i'll do with this.. but it was just $1.00 and so soft and such a pretty color!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i am re reading new moon in anticipation of the movie. i am wondering if this will throw me into reading the rest of them too.
also since my last reading post i've read.. clan of the cave bear and cynthia in the wilderness. i am also reading my new photography book. it is so big it'll take a long time to finish. the whole process of photography is fascinating to me. i wish to someday get a daguerreotype for my collection.

a trip to whole foods.

we had to take mikey to his DAN doctor yesterday. so we went to the close-by whole food to get him some yummies!

we haven't tried these yet. but i think mikey will like them. he likes small crunchies. he doesn't eat his cereal with milk.

he LOVES these dairy free rice milk chocolate bars and the crispy rice bars too. the soy milk smoothie is a new thing to try.

these panda puff are similar to peanut butter captain crunch. and i got some organic peanut butter too.

i haven't tried this brand of fabric softener.. but it was on sale so i got it. we almost only use natural cleaning products. the soap they sell by the ounce and this pumpkin spice soap smells so yummy so i got a bar.

these pretzels are some of the yummiest gluten free snacks! i love them! and so does mikey!

organic lollipops! the watermelon is so good! sesame honey bars mikey and his dad love these and caramel apple bars another of mikey's favorites.

more crispy rice bars dried cranberries (mikey loves dried fruits!) and a couple new side dishes to try.

i love shopping at whole food. i wish there was one close by!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

finally a nice day!

we finally had a nice day! so we spent some time outside. also i picked the rest of the big jalapeƱos. there are still little ones.. but these are huge! like 4 inches long!

an abundance of ladybugs

this time of year bring bunches of lady bugs to our yard. they are so beautiful to me, i wish i could catch them and keep them. but i cannot cause it is cruel. well this year i took pics to remember the sweet ladybugs of the fall.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

mikey's monster hat

i got mikey this adorable monster hat to wear for halloween (and all winter) from happycloud on etsy. and it is so adorable! and super well make and SO soft! love it! and mikey likes it too.. though at first.. he looked at it like he didn't know what to think!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

arrival from france...

these beautiful vintage pink buttons arrived from france a couple weeks ago. i just love them!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new socks.

it cold... my socks are wearing out.. getting very thin from overuse.. so... new socks! from sock dreams of course!