Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mikey on the swings

he wasn't sure about that big red one.. and ended up on the baby swing.. even though he looks like he's bored.. he was having fun...he didn't want to get off!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

mother's day flowers

my hubby totally surprised me with flowers for mother's day too. and chocolates.. the beautiful pink rose is from my sweet neighbor.. she gave me the sweetest mother's day gift! thank you Itzy!

mother's day gift

my hubby got me this ds for mother's day and my favorite game mario brothers.. yes i like video games! really a fun stress reliever!

snail mail...

really pretty hand dyed seam binding ribbon. by lemon tree studio on etsy. i couldn't resist these beautiful

table runners.. from little mango imports. hand woven in Guatemala. i love things like this for my kitchen. i love pastels in the rest of the house.. but bright colors for the kitchen!

1920's ribbon work lingerie pins. got these on etsy.. aren't they beautiful!? i am currently enamored with the 1920's!

mikey's gifts.. part 1

here are a few of mikey's gifts.. gotta round up the rest for pics!

this cute hippo crayon holder was from, grammy. he love it! and wood! we love wood toys! thank you grammy!

adorable janie and jack sweater and socks from auntie amy! thank you amy! we love them bunches!

these i actually bought with some of the money he got for his birthday. but they are so cute, i had to include them!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

blog make-over

isn't it cute! thanks to my sister amy who does these kinds of things for me! i am a bit computer challenged! it looks really cute! thank you amy! you are the best!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

field museum

we took mikey to the field museum (in chicago)yesterday. it was the free day so we only had to pay the crazy 16.00 parking fee. we saw the ancient america's exhibit which my hubby liked, the comer childrens play lab where mikey got to touch all kinds of strange things like skulls and rocks. and he played in the music room. he liked the bells best. and we say the giant bushman gorilla and sue the t-rex! so it was fun. i think mikey enjoyed seeing all the strange things.
and he came home with a sue t-shirt which i'll show later.

mikey's birthday

well little mikey is now officially 6 years old! i cannot believe it! my baby is growing so fast! his party went well.. without any tantrums. and he ate birthday cake! his first time! he never wanted it before.. so here are a few pics.. enjoy!

Friday, May 8, 2009

from sweet rosy!

i also got a package from my sweetest friend rosy.. who lives in mexico! she sends the cutest things! this time she sent april and may swap together.. and i love everything! thank you rosy! you are the best! please visit rosy's shop micasita on etsy! she makes the cutest stationary and plush!

swap from amy

i got my april swap from my sweet sister amy this week. this time our theme was dessert. she sent me fancy paper, fabric, stamps, ribbon and sticker.. mostly with cupcakes! yum! and also so cute hair clips.. some plastic ones and some that she made. also an adorable set of clear stamps with owls and birds! love it! thank you amy! i just love doing these swaps with you! it is such fun! love ya!

umm.. where have i been?

well i've currently been a bit obsessed with the twilight series by staphanie meyer and also getting some spring cleaning done.. since we are having mikey's 6th birthday party on sunday. so that's why i've been mia. hopefully things will get back to normal soon!
also working on some custom order blythe hats.. hopefully i can show you those soon!
anyways have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mikey on the merry-go-round...

after we were finished at the flea market.. we went to the mall. mikey got some chinese food.. he loves chinese food! and he went on the merry go round. even though he looks really serious in the pic.. i know he loved it cause he threw a fit when it was time to leave!

Monday, May 4, 2009

flea market finds...

we went to the kane county flea market in st charles on sunday. it was such a nice day! the weather was great for being outside. every time i go i mean to take pics.. but i get so busy looking.. i forget all about it.. and the few times i do.. the dealers look intimidating and i get shy to ask.. but here is what i bought..
i saw tons more things i wanted but i was trying to be good and not spend alot.
i got hello kitty pens, a crystal rhinestone bobby pin, vintage hat with sequins and millinery in a beautiful pink, vintage millinery flowers, vintage silk ribbon work rose, vintage grosgrain ribbons, vintage buttons and a vintage heart pin cushion.
really pretty things that i am very happy with!
hopefully we'll go one more time this year!