Friday, January 29, 2010

amber's new bonnet

this is amber. she is by lee middleton. i've had her for several years. she is one of my favorites.

isn't she sweet?

i got this antique crocheted bonnet for her on ebay. the ribbon work is so soft and silky.

these are handmade. i got them for her on ebay a long time ago. very cute!

so this is my last post for the week. have a great weekend!

snail mail

birthday gift from my friend liza! sweet vintage toy tea set, cute baggies to package my orders and adorable owl hair things! love everything liza! thank you!

isn't this sweet! so little and cute!

she knows i like owls! thank you liza!

swap from fritzy bitz! cute clown outfit. samy claimed this set!

swap from agnes of knockknocking on etsy. cute wood mushrooms and felt corsage. so sweet! thank you agnes!

project number 1, hanging birthday card for grandpa

for this you need paper, glue, glitter, piper cleaner hole punch and stickers. forgot to put the stickers in this picture.

mikey helped punch the holes, sprinkle the glitter and put the pipe cleaner through the holes.

then we added some stickers.

and he scribbled on the inside. all done and ready to give to grandpa this weekend!

craft supplies for mikey

mikey is bored.. nothing to do in the winter.. so i got a bunch of crafty stuff for us to make rojects. going to try to do something everyday. we'll see how that goes!

glittery pipe cleaners and valentine sprinkles. i really didn't have any sprinkles so i got this one that have 6 different kinds.

sequins and food coloring.

scissors, stickers, glitter, markers and paper. i've been trying to show him how to cut. it's kinda awkward for me though since he is a lefty.

got all these things at target. gotta go to michael's soon to find more things. i have a project or maybe two we will work on today. hopefully i can show you later!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

homemade pattern matching game

we made this game last night using paper and wall paper scraps i got on etsy a long time ago. all you do is get a poster board(i cut one in half. then you pick out papers that have a repeating pattern and cute them into squares. you should have at lease two of each pattern. then you glue one square to the board. my son helped with the gluing part too.
then after it dries you have a matching game to play! i think we'll make another one today since her really likes it!


i was inspired by the chocolate dipped strawberries on willynillywaterlily. so these are what i came up with. these are felt, handsewn. sort of a cross between shabby and kawaii. they have little loop stems so you can hang them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mikeys christmas gifts part 2

i think this is his favorite! he loves this gloworm! it plays lullabies and lights up. already had to replace the batteries twice!

big boy transformers pajamas from our neighbor!

auntie amy made him these cute wash cloths. one side is flannel the other side super soft minky! thank you amy!


i got these two books from mikey's teacher. i already read good in bed (no it's not what you are thinking lol) it was a really good one and i am nearly done with water for elephants which is really good too. so if you are looking for something to read..try these!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

snail mail.

some cute things arrived in the mail...

sweet little ooak hand sculpted clay baby made by jodi inlow. i have been looking at her babies for afew years.. finally i bought one! she us really adorable! not super realistic but very cute!

i couldn't resist this giant strawberry pin cushion i saw on etsy. they had it listed as vintage.. but i'm not sure. either way it is so cute! and huge!

january sister swap!

my sister and i do a fun swap every month. this month she sent me all vintage things.. and she got me some amazing things! she knows me so well!

from my fav etsy sell pinkgrapefruit style. very pretty white glass buttons and pretty bonnet.. not sure what it is spposed to be.. but it is so pretty! the peachy pink fabric is silky and ribbed and the blue is semi sheer. i love them!

pretty buttons in yummy shades or orange mostly.

pretty blue lace trim, green beads and a pretty vintage looking necklace and earrings.. love these!

beautiful buttons and buckles in spring colors!

pretty vintage pearly beads and pin.. missing a pearl but still so cute!

and an adorable vintage flower make-up bag to keep it all in!

you really did an amazing job amy! i love everything! thank you!

birthday gifts...

i got a few birthday gifts from my sweet sister amy in the mail...

super cute dessert fabric and cupcake pencils!

pretty flowers in paper and fabrics! i love these kinds of flowers! aren't they all so pretty! thank you amy! love my gifts!

Friday, January 22, 2010

snail mail...

my cameo finally arrived.. after getting side tracked in Philadelphia! it is so beautifully carved! it is really small. i don't know how they carve that small...but i love it! it can be worn as a pin or a pendant. so pretty!

and meet miss dita! my new pullip! she has an adorable apple print lolita dress. she is such a pretty pullip. her make up is very pretty and her hair is almost to her feet!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

newest creations

some of my newest things.. some were customs...

sweet hooties.

cosmic imps!

colorswirl beanies.

my birthday surprises!

since my honey bought me the pullip, i wasn't expecting anything. but he surprised me with an mp3 player! and a very sweet card.
i had been wanting an ipod or mp3 player for awhile. so i was very happy to get this. it is so tiny! i already added quite a few songs including the new moon score which is so beautiful.

snail mail...

got some new pretties!

pretty vintage buttons.. i think these will be used.. not collected.

fabrics.. just fat quarters.. but i have some ideas for them...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

today i am 32!

yep today is my birthday. and not so great causei am getting over a cold. but on thr bright side i am expecting this new pullip maybe tomorrow or the next day. the last couple years my hubby has bought my a pullip for my he said i could get one this year too. i love her very lolita dress! will show real pics as soon as she arrives.... no if this nagging cough would just go away!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

more snail mail

been doing a few swaps lately and treating myself to some extravagances for my birthday..

i got these beautiful crocheted outfits for my girls from polly!

and jane sent me this beautiful cardigan as a birthday gift! thank you jane!

swap from little dear. that little nom is so tiny and cute! and love the watercolor aceo! thanks aimee!