Wednesday, December 29, 2010

lots of things

to show you! but will start with these. handmade by my sister for mikey!

isn't this HUGE monster adorable! mikey loves him and so did my two nephews! how can you not smile when you see him? we need a name for him.. suggestions?

she also made this coloring book/marker holder! keeps things in place and tidy for us and mikey loves putting the markers away.
thanks amy! you made some really fabulous things for us! more pics soon!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

quick hi!

just a quick pop in to say hi and that i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! here is mr. mikey wearing a new hat and playing with toys on christmas day! ttfn!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry christmas!

just want to wish all my family, friends and blog readers a very merry christmas! hope you all have a super happy holiday! huggs!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

more gifts i made....

i can show you these now since they have been opened....

these paintings i made for my two little nieces and nephew.

and little pouch purses for my nieces.

and a scarf for my sister.

yesterday's snail mail

yesterday's mail brought some goodies!

some gifts from my mom :)

and a swap from FairRosamund! i so love her art so i was very happy to add this sweetie to my collection! thank you Lauren!

isn't she sweet! love her outfit and twisted hair!

and she surprised me with the aceo card! as weet little marie antoinette! with pink hair! love her!

and this postcard too! i loved this painting when she first made it but i didn't get to buy i am very happy to have this card.

thanks so much for all the swaps! love all my paintings!

Monday, December 20, 2010


the last week or so have been plain rotten. very little sleep. mikey has a rash that is being stubborn and he's really crabby. took him to the dr yesterday..spent like 3 hours at least just carrying him around waiting..keep in mind he's 45 pounds! he didn't want to be put down and wouldn't let daddy hold him. but got some cream for his rash that i think will work now. but i've been up since 2 am.. really sleepy!


i first saw these in the summer and didn't get one. so recently i was thinking i wanted one..well apparently they are the hot toy for christmas and you can't find them in the store.. not because all the kids have them.. but cause there are around 3000 on ebay! well my hubby got me this one at toys r us this weekend. isn't she cute? and since the box says for ages 4-104 i guess it's ok hehe!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

snail mail

a bit of snail mail. sweet card from a very sweet customer! carminita doll from micasita on etsy. thank you rosy! and a couple crafty things!


i haven't shown you my teeth for a long time. yesterday i got them cleaned and braces tightened so i took a couple pis for you. they are coming along! can't wait to get these things off though!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cookies and scarves

today i made these fudge crinkles cookies. i promised myself i would make at least a few kinds of cookies for mikey this christmas. that was one of my favorite things about christmas. we usually baked several kinds of cookies. next will make some milk free chocolate chip cookies. as some of you know..mikey doesn't eat diary.

also still been making scarves. not sure who i am giving them to yet. but they are fun to make and use up some of these fancy yarns in my stash!


this neck warmer. i like how it turned out. gotta few more ideas floating in my head! maybe soon!

used these pretty vintage buttons!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

newest dolly things.

eclipse! and wip

as you fellow twilight fans know eclipse came out on dvd saturday. i decide to get the deluxe target version...

even the inside is nice!

i love the special photo cards!

and while i was watching it i was working on this. actually something for myself! a neck warmer. planning to use vintage buttons for it. my husband bought me this yarn a few years ago and i was saving it for something special. will show you when it's done!

Friday, December 3, 2010

a couple more creations..and mikey's tree

this is for a fellow twilght fan. it didn't come out perfect. the glitter was a little unruly...but i think she'll like. i used canvas, paints, decoupaged the picture on and varnish.

this SOFT scarf is for my goddaughter.

and her is mikey's little fiber optiic tree he loves. with an ornament he brought home from school yesterday.

thrift finds!

as promised thrift finds from last weekend! all of these were from the same place on the same day!

pretty embroidered linens.

fancy old lacy.

this piece is my favorite! tiny petit point embroidery on beautiful lace!

sweet dolly dress, pink doily and button card w/ sweet baby graphics.

cute little pictures. the glass is domed on the one on the left.

and a very sweet hand painting celluloid baby crush.