Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mikey's foot

we took mikey to the doctor yesterday. mikey of course didn't want the dr touching his feet but the dr said he thinks it's just a sprain.. so we have to try to keep him from running and jumping..ha! the only way we could do that is to tie him up.. but we'll try.
anyways he actually let them weigh him and he is now 42 pounds! no wonder he feels so heavy!
how much does sarah weigh amy?

thrift store finds part two

at the next thrift store i found two paintings(one not pictured), an antique engraving print, a soup tureen (missing lid), a vintage hat and some pretty trims, fabrics, pot holder and a tea towel.

the painting is really beautiful. i cannot ready the signature but the canvas edges look old so it might be an older one.

the engraving print is by FRANCISQUE-EDOUARD BERTIER and is from 1888. titled the flower girl. the frame is also old.

the soup tureen is a china pattern i am collecting. i have quite alot of this pattern though i don't know the pattern name or maker.

the hat is really beautiful with jewel colored flowers and leaves.

so anyways it was a good day for finding treasures i guess! enjoy the pics!

thrift store finds part one

actually found quite a few goodies this weekend. first i found some yarn, a lady lovely locks toy pet, a vintage santa figurine and a yellow planter.
i have a small collection of vintage planters all in pastel colors.
has anyone ever heard of wendy peter pan yarn? well that was one of the yarns i found..that pretty pink and purple one.

Monday, October 27, 2008

swap from shop66

i also got a fun swap from shop66 on etsy. she sent me a cute pose doll, japanese coloring book with paper dolls, japanese kids watercolors set, birdie pencil sharpener, tiny winged kewpie and a cute little dollhouse doll! be sure to go look at her shop sometime. she has some adorable stuff!

from rosy

i got a sweet envelope full of goodies from my friend rosy last week. she always sends the cutest stuff! please visit her shop micasita on etsy to see her adorable stationary and things too!

mikey's costume

we got mikey's costume this weekend. though i did fancy it up a bit. he is going to be a king. king michael anthony lol. i added gold trim to the cape and changed the jewels on the crown to nicer ones and added some more too.
so anyways this is his second year or trick or treating. last year he wanted to go into everyones house! hopefully he'll do better this time!

snail mail arrivals and limping mikey

poor mikey is limping. since last wed. we were hoping it would get better on it's own but it hasn't so we are gonna take him to the dr later. he apparently did it at school but the teachers didn't tell me about it though the bus driver told me this morning that she noticed it when they brought him to her last week. anyways hopefully it isn't anything bad!

also this past week a few goodies arrived. three more louisa may alcott books. these ones have a color illustrations in the front and several black and white one throughout the book. also some more prima flowers.
also got two swaps that i will post about separately.

Friday, October 24, 2008


i thought maybe i should make a little post on what mikey has been up to. he hasn't been sleeping well. waking up in the middle of the night crying. but aside from that he's been good.
he has become obsessed with piggy back rides and wants you to give him rides all day.
he recently decided that potatoes are yummy and will even eat mashed potatoes even though he used to act like they were disgusting!
he also decided marshmallows are great. he can often be seen running about the house with a bag of marshmallows.
he has learned how to push the chairs around the kitchen so he can reach what he wants. this morning he pushed the chair to the refrigerator to get a box of cereal from on top..and yes he is tall enough when he is standing on the chair!
he loves hats lately and will put them on and wear them in the house..these are winter hats.
anyways just a little tidbit of mikey-ness. isn't he a funny little guy?

a little crochet

a few new things to show. two amigurumi. one is tiny..a custom order. and a couple hats for my bobobie elf. will have a very fuzzy amigurumi mouse next!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

paper crafting

i have been wanting to learn a little paper crafting.. ie altered art and such. so i started with a simple fancied up tags project. i think they came out pretty. i will keep practicing!

alcott books

i got my large lot of louisa may alcott book this week. they all have a color illustration in the front. so i started reading jo's boys.
i recently discovered another book i'd love to have. the uncollected works of louisa may alcott. this one is supposed to have art by her sister may in it. but it cost 39.00 on amazon and that is the cheapest i could find! so i'll have to wait on that.


i was playing with shelley today. dressing her up a bit. so i took some pics. the dress is made by elly. the sweater is a barbie sweater. isn't she a sweetie? i really have to crochet her some goodies!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


finally made up three bambolas! two for etsy.. one for a friend.. these ones have removable skirts. i think the came out sweet!