Thursday, September 30, 2010

september sister swap

it was great to do our monthly swap in person this month! though i was distracted by all the cute kids running about.
this month was owls/fall/halloween. look at all the fun stuff!

she made these pins! aren't they cute! there is another but i think i left it on a sweater.

adorable owl flannel.

flannel fabric! they are both so cute! fabric flowers..for doll hats of course! and printed tape! i love it!

vinyl rick rack in yummy fall colors, cute leave trim and tags cut with her new cricket (spelling? so jealous!)

more rock rack and adorable tiny hole punches. gotta love that tiny pumpkin! thank you so much amy! i love everything!

antique mall finds

it was so much fun going to the antique malls with my sister! i forgot to take pics with all the looking, chatting and playing with her baby. but i found a couple goodies.

i had actually seen this celluloid bookmark the last 2 times i went and finally got it. isn't it cute and tiny!

from the same seller this celluloid neckties box. i love all the detail in the embossing! so beautiful!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

more hoots.

both of these are from noro kureyon yarn.

the one on the left is wool. i love the color it's called bird of paradise. the one on the right is noro kureyon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

snail mail and hoots.

my husband finished redo-ing our bathroom so i wanted a little something new and special to hang in there. this sweet mermaid is from the very talented lauren at FairRosamund. and she send a sweet little aceo art card too! which is going to my inspiration board of course! thank you so very much lauren!

isn't she sweet! i love all her art so whimsical and cute!

noro aya yarn..for ??? i want to try every noro yarn! maybe i can get 1-3 skeins each month. they are really beautiful!

and a couple new hoots in new autumn-y colors.

a fun visit!

we had a nice visit with my sister and her family. we went antique shopping and had lunch. the visit always seems too short at the end. hopefully we can see them again soon! thanks for everything amy and david! and here are some pics of my nieces and nephew. aren't they adorable?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

for me again

from the noro chirimen yarn i showed you yesterday. this beautiful yarn is silk/cotton/wool blend. this is a little pouch for my mp3 player for when i don't have pockets to put it in i can hang it on my neck.

i used a vintage button for the closure.

and here is how the yarn looks after i used some up for the pouch.

Monday, September 20, 2010

snail mail

this yarn is noro chirimen. part of this will be used for something for me! the rest probably for dolly things.

halloween books for inspiration.

mikey's book

i got mikey this atlas some months ago for a dollar. he loves big fat grown up books. dunno why.. he has been coloring in this one...

first batch of christmas hats

Friday, September 17, 2010


finished! the granny triangles are a bunting garland! i saw some crocheted buntings on flickr so i made up this one. the colors are much prettier than these pics show. what do you think? i don't think this will be the only one i make!

and some hoots



something for me!

so i actually bought 10 colors of the same yarn a few months ago which a rarely do.

and what should i do with some of it?

making granny triangles! for something special for myself. will show you soon!

even the scraps are pretty! and 100% wool. any suggestion on what to do with this? they are too pretty to toss!

omg thank you amy!

i just got on here and saw that my sister surprised me with a new banner! thank you so much amy! it's perfect!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

whats going on..

well the last week or so have been very busy with getting ready for my sisters visit. i am really excited about that because i haven't seen her for 2 years and she's got three adorable kids too! can't wait to hold the baby especially.
i had planned to go to a doll show this past Saturday but didn't get to due to. err. car problems i guess you could say.
so i don't have any fun doll show pics for you. maybe next year. i am hoping to take pics at the antique mall when my sister and i go. if i do i'll show you soon!
mikey is starting school today finally so hopefully that goes well.
not much else i guess. i am thinking of a non doll crochet project that i might start after my sisters visit..hopefully!

new shoes for me!

i needed some new shoes for fall. these i bought from which is zappos clearance site. they are all by lassen. which is similar to my favorite brand born.

more halloween hats

i am having alot of fun making halloween hats this year!

Friday, September 10, 2010

a new sweetie!

meet gwennie! my new bear made by emma's bears. i fell in love with her as soon as i saw her. and emma was very sweet to help me adopt her. she has the sweetest baby face! and i love her tutu and beads. adorable!

emma also makes beautiful earrings! aren't these pretty!

thank you so very much emma! i love her! and the earrings and card too!