Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thrift store finds.. part one.. vintage

i am behind again with the thrift store finds. we have been doing a little less thrift store shopping with the colder weather.. and f course.. yard sales are over. but i did find some beautiful things the last couple weeks...

this beautiful 1950's dress. pink with blue ace overlay. and the satin sash in the middle is so pretty! it is missing the zipper.. but i love it! as you can see i have it hanging on the wall so i can enjoy it.

crocheted table runner and corsage pins. not sure how old the pins are.. but they are really pretty. the runner needed washing badly.. but it came our very clean and pretty.. and it has not holes. i love buying these cause i know they are ALOT of wok!

and this 1960's-1970's flower maker.. haven't tried it yet.. but it looks like fun!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Love the flower looms. Looks like fun. The dress is really pretty too. It would not survive in my house being hung up. lol.