Tuesday, November 30, 2010

still here!

i'm here!, i'm alive! the holiday kept me busy plus mikey is still in a grouchy mood. he is growing molars so maybe that's why...

here is the apple pie i made for thanksgiving. also made a pineapple pecan but didn't take a pic. i don't make the prettiest pies but they tell me that they are really yummy! i actually don't eat them...but i make them!

this is a painting for my sister in law's niece. she saw the one i gave my sister in law and kept bugging her for one so.. sorry about the bad pic! so gloomy here still i had to use a flash.

and finished mikey's snake! what do you think? i have more things to show you but it's so dark and gloomy!


Miss Rhea said...

The snake is darling !!! I am sure you would sell lots of them. I think the best pies and pastries are the sloppiest, although yours looks GREAT !! Not sure what you are talking about. I am a crust person, and your crust looks divine !!! When my son was little, I used to put my fingers in his mouth and just rub the gums. Does that help him ? Poor guy !! Glad to see you !!! Hugs :) :) Rhea

KATI said...

You had much work with that snake! It's nice! I think Mikey loves it. The apple pie looks delicious!