Wednesday, March 16, 2011

new pony and newest book.

i have been collecting my little pony on and off for 10 plus years. being an 80's child they just naturally appeal to me. so when i saw the tiny "dolly mix" ponies that are only available in the uk i had to have one for my collection. and of course i chose a pink one. and a pegasus which i love. her name is heart throb. they come w/ a pamphlet, comb and candies (the seller i got mine from on ebay doesn't include the candies).
very cute and tiny.. though pricey since it comes from the UK.

and this is my newest book that i am reading. i loved the movie and have wanted to read the book for awhile. it is short so i'll be done quickly. this is book 5 for march and book 12 for the year!

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