Monday, March 25, 2013

favorties for mikey

my little man needs some stuff too! so these are the things i use the most for him. i ALWAYS try to get natural or more natural items for him since his skin is sensitive and honestly i don't want to put alot of chemical on him.
burt's bee baby bee shampoo and wash. i'll probably use this mikey's whole life. because it's tear free and mostly natural. i thought of switching to an all natural soap but i forgot about his hair.. so i'll just stick to this.

tom's of maine childrens toothpaste in silly strawberry. as with most things for mikey i try to use a natural or more natural basted. as for this mikey loves it and won't even use the mint flavor. has to be strawberry.

touch lavender body butter. i actually got this free with my huggies points. it;s a rich body butter. feels a little greasy but it smells great and mikey likes putting it on his hands and tummy.

burts bees baby bee nourishing lotion. this is just a nice lotion for your baby or child.  it's very moisturizing but not greasy. and i of course love that it's mostly natural.

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