Sunday, April 7, 2013 buy or not to buy?

i recently started shopping on zulily and honestly i cannot decide if i love it or hate it. one thing is for sure. they are super slow with shipping.

 the first order i got was a t-shirt for my son. that was great and he loves it. next time it was partially my fault with a sizing mix-up. but who ever heard of size large being size 7 for little boys?

next was a dress for myself. that is pretty cute though i'm thinking of using it for a nightgown or swimsuit cover-u instead.

next came some bags that were pretty cute and a notebook.

after that some cute boots for my little guy that were fine with sizing and cute too.

after that was another bad one with a pair of pants supposedly size 10 for my little guy and they arrive and are so tiny like size 6! so i guess they'll be shorts since the waist was BIG.

so today i ordered 3 shirts for my little guy again...but this time sizing should be ok and i also got him a new book since it's been years since he has gotten a new one.

moral of my story.. be careful with zulily, the temptation is great...but sizes are crazy and expect to wait 3 or more weeks to get your stuff! oh and another tidbit NO RETURNS!

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