Tuesday, July 30, 2013

reading to mikey

before mikey was born i had so many plans on the kinds of things i wanted to do with my children. one of which was reading to them. well autism stopped me from being able to do that.. how? well i would try to read to him and he would scream! for some reason he couldn't stand being read to. he would cry and push you away. so after alot of trying i gave up for quite a long time. i started trying again this year and strangely he didn't have as bad of a reaction so i kept at it.

i had been thinking of buying winnie the pooh and where the side walk ends to read to him for a few years.. even looked at them on ebay a few times.. but considering how he reacted to reading i just never bought them. so a few months ago i foud BOTH of them sitting right next to each other at the thrift store.. coincidence? i had to get them!

the winnie the pooh is a 1957 edition and has cute color illustrations.

where the sidewalk ends if full of funny pictures and poems. we are nearly done reading this one.

we finished winnie the pooh. i read to him at bedtime and alot of times he fall asleep fast... so i guess hes getting used to it..or the stories are boring! haha!

we also finished peter pan which i got at targets dollar spot.

and these are our unread ones..maybe we can finish them this year? if you have any book suggestions please leave comments below.

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