Tuesday, January 22, 2008

birthday bundles unveiled and another gift

here are the lovely gifts from my mom. 2 measuring tapes (i can never find one lol), color variations embroidery floss, teeny tiny heart buttons, 2 valentine's day ribbons, really cute printed felt and 4 beautiful fancy yarns..all so pretty. thank you mom for the beautiful things for my crafty stash!

also my sweet husband ventured out into the very cold weather to get me LOST season 3 dvd since it was on sale.. i'm a happy girl! lol


Rosy said...

aww!! so many cute things susy!!
love the fabric and the yarn, the
colors are lovely...like candy!!
also you're so lucky about the lost
dvd...my mom loves that tv program...
so nice that your hubby go it for
your b-day!!.....

Pexi said...

Hi! I love the spotty felt.

Can you tell me where did you buy it? I'm from Spain and here it doesn't exist. I've been visiting a lot of webs that sell felt online but they haven't got this kind.

I would be really grateful if you can help me.

My name is Regina and here is my mail: reginaceli69@hotmail.com


the enchanted pumpkin said...

hi pexi my mom got it from a store called hobby lobby. we live in the usa..have you tried ebay?