Thursday, January 10, 2008

goodies from target and michael's

went shopping on tuesday and found all kinds of goodies. target's dollar section has lots of really cute valentines stuffs. note pads, stampers, card making kits, scrapbooking supplies.i love all the hearts and red and pink. see the cute towels also with pink polka dot fabric trim?

also went to michaels and got a few crafty things including christmas pompoms, martha stewart bakers twine and goodie boxes, heart buttons and tiny pom poms. the martha stewart stuff was on was christmas stuff but looks great for anytime also. anyways here are some pics..

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willynillywaterlily said...

Aloha Susy,

Thank you for the message at Etsy. Yes, at the moment I only collect Blythe dolls, although I think Pullips are gorgeous, too.

Quite a collection of kawaii things you have here! I do wish we had a Target or a Michael's. Can you believe there's neither one in Hawaii? Oh, well . . .

Lucky you!