Monday, August 4, 2008

this weeks yard sale find

this week..i saw an ad in the newspaper. it was for a yard sale where the seller was selling her doll collection. so i go.. this elderly lady had so many beautiful dolls from the 1920's- 1950's! i settled on just one..i was very restrained! an ideal toni. she has her original wig.. vintage clothing.. but not original and replaced shoes and socks. i have been eye-ing toni dolls for some years when i would go to doll shows.. but they were always pretty expensive.. so i was happy to get her at a low price!
i think she is very pretty! not perfect.. but very sweet!


jennifer said...

OMG she is so cool! Looks just like she would have when she played with her as a girl!

willynillywaterlily said...

What a find! Your Toni is adorable. I have one, too. A brunette. Don't they have the sweetest faces?