Monday, December 8, 2008

thrift store finds

we went thrift store shopping this weekend as usual. i nearly bought another cabinet but decided it wasn't sturdy enough. but i did get these two pairs of vintage gloves. they have pretty details. i intend to use them for winter gloves!
also got this pretty pastel rhinestone clip. i guess it's a dress clip. it's really pretty and even the back has some pretty details. i have it clipped on the collar of my coat.


Bumpkin Bears said...

Hiya, you've been finding some great things, that cabinet was amazing! I sadly had a really beautiful dresser very similar to this from my Granny but when my Dad was moving house he thought because it had a little damage that it was worth nothing and he put it out in the RAIN, it was totally ruined and he threw it away!! I was upset to put it mildly ;) Anyway, SO happy you got all these beauties and will treasure them as should be. Glad you like my new prints and cards. HUGS, Catherine xx

Miss Rhea said...

Gorgeous finds, that shoe clip is really nice and would go just about anywhere. I cant help commenting on your new dresser. What a Steal !! It looks like a Duncan Fife by the looks of those handles and is probably cherrywood. My bedroom set is Duncan Fife and the age is about from the 40's, Lucky you !! Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season. We are getting a late start, but I expect to dive in head first in a few days :) Thanks so much for coming by and brightening my day :) Hope yours is lovely :)

the enchanted pumpkin said...

rhea.. oh is it a shoe clip!? i didn't realize! very fancy for shoes! wow i didn't have any clue about the dresser. i just really loved it. and it was a great price. i am trying to fill our home with lovely old things!huggs to both catherine and rhea!