Thursday, December 11, 2008

yesterday's thrift store finds part 1

yesterday we went to one of the thrift stores we always go to and found lots of cute and pretty things. i am separating these finds into three posts..lots of pics!

first we have some vintage linens. i was kinda bummed cause there were about 20 more beautiful and cute embroidered pieces i had to leave behind.. i couldn't afford everything! so i bought three.. the ones i thought were the prettiest. and isn't that kewpie one so adorable! i think these were all made by the same lady. there were many similar with cats..i'll go back in about a week to see if there are any left.

also i got a hankie with a pretty scalloped edge and lots of tiny pink rosebuds embroidered on it.

ans last i found a vintage tablecloth with STRAWBERRIES! my favorite! and it has no holes or stains!

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