Thursday, February 26, 2009

antique etiquette

i recently won this antique etiquette book on ebay. copyright 1891. written by mrs. annie r. white. it has several beautiful illustrations in it.. most of which have nothing to do with jack and the beanstalk??????????
so i will be starting a regular post on etiquette quoted from this book. todays advise is..
from the table manners.
if a guest does not care for a certain article on the table, or for some reason does not wish to partake of it, he should not refuse it by stating "cheese don't agree with me" or " i can't endure tomatoes." but simply say "i do not care for any, thank you."
we well remember the horror and disgust with which an apparently well bred lady filled her listeners at the the table by declining a certain dish with the assertion that "it took to long to digest, and her doctor has forbidden it."

more advice from mrs. annie r. white soon!


Cathy said...

I LOVE antique books! Thanks for sharing. I have a great antique bookshop in a little town nearby that I visit quite regularly in the summertime. I could (and do) spend hours just leafing through the old volumes before deciding which one to buy.


grammyjan(mom) said...

Sounds like its going to be alot of fun to read! It's great that you're going to share with us!!