Tuesday, February 17, 2009

antique mall finds

we went to the antique mall this sunday. found all kinds of beautiful and cute things!

two vintage hats with tiny millinery flowers.

pretty tiny blossoms.

found a twin for my crepe suzette..the one in yellow is the new one. wrong dress but still very cute! their hair and eye colors vary ever so slightly.

japanese pose doll. naming her alice.. guess why?

antique or vintage netting overdress. with pretty silk ribbon detail. this is for a toddler.

this beauty was marked vintage muff. but i think it is a pillow cover. from the 20's i'm guessing. so pretty!

found this set of 3 pansy doilies. anyone who crochets knows how much work went into these! aren't they beautiful?

i am not sure if this pillow is vintage or not. the ribbons look vintage but it is filled with what feels like polyfill. it is really beautiful though and is was inexpensive.

so there we have it! i couldn't believe i found so many pretty things!

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