Wednesday, April 1, 2009


we went to this horribly crowded indoor yard sale on saturday. when we got there the line was so long. so we left and went to the antique mall and came back to no line..weird huh? so i spent a fortune.. just look!

vintage skunk figurine. so cute. reminds me of something that happened when i was a little girl. cost $1.00.

vintage buttons. loved the colors and those very old mother of pearl ones. cost $4.00.

stack of vintage pictures. these are alot! i'll be keeping some and some will go to esty. cost 4.00.

vintage candy box.. cost $2.00 it has all of the candy names on the inside and these cute compartments! great to store embellishments i think!

vintage silk cushion. pincushion? i don't know.. but it's pretty cost .50 cents.

so as you can see i spent a fortune! i probably would have found more goodies but you could barely move in the place!


Amy said...

I love the buttons! Especially the ones on the right. So pretty.


beckynot said...

Skunky cute!!