Monday, April 13, 2009

what's been going on...

i haven't posted much lately. been very busy i guess.
mikey is taking more supplements. they are supposed to help remove toxins from his body. he seems to be doing a little better lately. showing us when he needs diaper and even showing us that he needed to go potty a couple times. his eye contact has improved a bit too. he just seems to be paying a little more attention to things.
he is on spring break this week. so i'll be working with him. we play matching games and his physical therapist left some roller skates for him to try. he actually likes wearing them. i will try to make a video.

as for me and my hubby. we went to the movies twice these past weeks.. which was really fun cause before that we hadn't gone anywhere alone for over a year. mikey is getting respite care now so we are able to go out once in a while yeah!

i am still in a reading mood. i finished message in a bottle. (you were right amy, it was sad!) so when i was a target on friday i picked up nights in rodanthe. just started reading it this morning (i was up at 5:30) and i'm already on page 80! so i might very well finish it today. today is very gloomy. i am catching up on laundry today.

what else... oh yesterday we spent easter with my hubby's family. my mother in law came back from mexico after several months. mikey got some easter goodies from his aunt and uncle.

i guess that's about it..did i tell you i am expecting 2 new nieces or nephews later this year? the sad thing is they they don't live close by. i just adore holding newborns.. anyways i hope everyone had a great easter! i will post soon! i hope...

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