Tuesday, June 9, 2009

forever 21

i had been eyeing forever 21 for awhile.. but their size only goes up to large.. so since i am kinda borderline plus.. especially in the bust area.. i decided against it. well they came up with a new plus size line called faith 21. so i ordered a few new things for the summer. also some goodies from the forever 21 accessories section. they have bunches of cute hair accessories. anyways i'll be adding the link to favorite clothes section also.
by the way.. their prices aren't too high so go have a look!

pink rose compact.
plastic flower bobby pins.
lace headband.
flower headband. not sure if i'll be brave enough to wear this huge flower! if not my doll can wear it.

owl key cap.. so i can open my front door faster!

blue gingham chiffon shirt with ruffles. i love ruffles!

blurred knit top. love this. looks like monet..

macrame trim top.. in my fav color of course!

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