Tuesday, June 23, 2009


mikey has been busy lately....
he has learned to chew gum. he'll chew it for hours and usually doesn't swallow it. he learned how to open doors! yes he can open the doors by turning the knob now.. which is good and bad! he is understanding more things. you can tell him it's time to go bye bye and go get his shoes and he'll do it right away.
he cleans up his own spills with whatever might be around.. and if there isn't anything to use he'll use his clothes that he is wearing!
i showed him his sandals this weekend. usually i have to fight with him in the beginning of summer to put his sandals on.. well this year he wanted to wear them! even without socks!
i tried to give him a hair cut this weekend and right in the middle of it he refused to let me finish.. and to avoid a head banging tantrum we let him go.. so he has long hair in the back.. and get this.. his dad wants to leave it that way.. he thinks it's cute!
anyways there's a little insight into mikey! isn't he silly?

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Liza said...

He is silly, in a good way! You're a wonderful mom to understand him so well!