Wednesday, July 29, 2009


vintage hat from an estate sale. i considered removing the flowers.. but don't have and ideas on what to do with them.. so i'll leave it alone.

i found the cabbage the other day.. well i found this sweet original cabbage patch kid outfit and had to get it for her.. anyone who collects cpk knows it is hard to find these flower overalls!

vintage nightgown. i love the old lace on these. they date from te 1930's- 1940's usually. sometimes the 20's. found at the antique mall.

france storybook type doll. from the same este as the hat. they had a bunch.. but i just chose one. i love her red striped skirt and little purse. all the dolls were in plain cardboard boxes with their country stamped on them.

and last a 1920's -1930's child's hat.. so sweet! love the feedsack type fabric. and a bargain at just $2.00! from the antique mall.

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