Friday, July 10, 2009


mikey is good. his tantrums have lessened! but he still throws one every so often. still over wanting to watch tv all day.. which i don't understand.. cause i've never let him do that before.. but now he thinks he should..
he finally learned to ride a tricycle! we got him this cute one at a yard sale and for no apparent reason, after trying for 3 years at least.. he just started pushing the pedals! he need steering practice but he can push the petals! i was so happy i almost cried!
he got a new toy today. called a's a funny shell or bow shaped thing kids can sit in and spil and rock.. or stand on top of or whatever they might think up. and he loves it.. he's been playing with it all day! i honestly think i might get him a few more so he can use them like stepping stones. will take pics another day..or maybe a video.
anyways here he is today eating chex cereal. he loves unsweetened cereal.. crazy kid!

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♡My ♥ Taube♡ said...

I am so happy for you and your baby !!!!
you make me cry with all the things than he do now ^-^
I really wish the best for your family <3