Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 old movies i love.

i love old movies. to me alot of them are better than modern movies. here are 15 of my favorites.
1. gone with the wind. i think this is my favorite movie of all time.
2. roman holiday.
3. an affair to remember. (debra karr version)
4. the man in the gray flannel suit.
5. the king and i.
6. meet me in st. louis.
7. we're not married.
8. giant.
9. elephant walk.
10. monkey business
11. tender comrade.
12. i'll be seeing you.
13. sabrina
14. it's a wonderful life.
15. miracle of 34th street.

i know many of these are well known.. but they are wonderful movies. it haven't seen them yet.. i'd highly recommend them. i'll make a list of modern movies another day. happy movie watching!

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