Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a trip to whole foods.

we had to take mikey to his DAN doctor yesterday. so we went to the close-by whole food to get him some yummies!

we haven't tried these yet. but i think mikey will like them. he likes small crunchies. he doesn't eat his cereal with milk.

he LOVES these dairy free rice milk chocolate bars and the crispy rice bars too. the soy milk smoothie is a new thing to try.

these panda puff are similar to peanut butter captain crunch. and i got some organic peanut butter too.

i haven't tried this brand of fabric softener.. but it was on sale so i got it. we almost only use natural cleaning products. the soap they sell by the ounce and this pumpkin spice soap smells so yummy so i got a bar.

these pretzels are some of the yummiest gluten free snacks! i love them! and so does mikey!

organic lollipops! the watermelon is so good! sesame honey bars mikey and his dad love these and caramel apple bars another of mikey's favorites.

more crispy rice bars dried cranberries (mikey loves dried fruits!) and a couple new side dishes to try.

i love shopping at whole food. i wish there was one close by!

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