Monday, March 1, 2010

collected over the years.. vintage jewelry.

i love vintage jewelry..especially with rhinestones. here is what i've collected over the years. i may have missed a piece or two.. but i think this is mostly all of it. some are from my grandma, great grandma and aunt joyce.

this is a dress or shoe clip. love multi colored rhinestones!

pins.. i don't have a ton of them.. they seem to be harder and harder to find at good low prices. love the huge pink one! a lucky thrift find! and my cameo! so pretty!

vintage clip-on earrings. love these.. but i dunno how women used to wear them! they kill your ears!

bracelets. some missing stones.. but very pretty! and the sweater clip. love the art nouveau design!

and crystal necklaces. i think i have a couple beaded necklaces somewhere.. but i love these. the red came from my late aunty joyce's collection. not sure if it was my grandma or great grandma's.

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