Friday, March 26, 2010

collected over the years. woven textiles

though i love the shabby style, i also love brightly colored things. over the years i have collected a few woven textiles from Mexico and Guatemala.

i got this one on ebay. i have no idea where it is from. but i loved the colors. feels like wool. very scratchy.

my mother in law brought me this one from mexico. it is a rebozo. used to carry babies or just keep warm. it is a beautiful woven pattern. thick yarn.

i guess this is a table runner. it's too small to be a rebozo. my sister in law brought me this one from mexico.

these are scarves.. but i use them for table runners. made in guatemala. i got the one on the far left from the field museum in chicago. they have alot of guatemalan handwork there. the other two were bought on ebay.

these two rainbow colored rebozos were brought from mexico. one by my sister in law and one by my friend. so pretty!

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