Wednesday, May 26, 2010

today's mail!

i got some very fun mail today! these are from FairRosamund again who i am really loving her cute girls have such dreamy sweet expressions!

this one was on my favorites list on etsy and she sent it as a surprise gift! i was so surprised and happy when i saw it in my envelope!

and this is an original painting. i've always loved mermaids. i have having a totally rotten day.. mikey was crying all day and hadn't slept through the night in weeks. so i was on etsy all stressed out and saw this. something about her made me smile and feel better.. so i had to have her. and she is even more adorable in person.
so thank you Lauren! your paintings have the power to brighten my day!

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Fair Rosamund said...

Thank you Susy, so kind of you to post about it! I am so glad that she was able to brighten your day, I hope that she can do that many times for you! :) ~Lauren