Monday, August 30, 2010

antique mall finds and.....

i have been slacking on my blogging. mostly cause i am in a not so good mood lately. things have just been rough the last couple months around here. but i am going to try to catch up! so...

i forgot to show you this little guy. i won him on ebay a few weeks? or maybe over a month ago. he is a little kokeshi from the usaburo studio. perhaps the cutest kokeshi i've seen and i love it!

these are yesterdays antique mall finds!

a new and PINK hat for my ever growing collection! i love this shade of pink!

i think this is for serving vegetables or a side dish. marked bavaria and so beautiful!

this very tiny size hankie holder is so beautiful! i love the ombre ribbon and it has a sachet and hankie inside!

and i couldn't resist this japanese pose doll! so charming!

i also wanted to tell you i finally payed off a bear that i had on lay a way and she'll be arriving soon! can't wait to show you! hope everyone had a great weekend!

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